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Hermetic Solar Body

Many people today delude themselves with the mistaken belief that all...

Creative Dreams

The Creative Dreams The dreaming mind has creative capacities beyond what...

The Star Rover: Jack London’s Must-Read Novel on Astral Travel

  A Rare Account of Liberation from Prison Many people believe that...

Tales of Unity

Grant Cameron looks are UFO activity in a more spiritual light and may have...

Dreamleaf Might Change Everything

Dreamleaf is the most advanced lucid dreaming supplement on the planet....

A Mindful Universe

Dr. Eben Alexander, author of international phenomenon Proof of Heaven,...

Astral Institute

The Astral Institute is an online partner of Finerminds, a leading voice in self development. Focused on the work of best selling writers promoting spiritual topics. We currently have a subsciber list of over 833,113 members.

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