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The Tools

The Tools® is a dynamic, results-oriented set of practices that aim to...

Edgar Cayce Documentary

Edgar Cayce was an American Christian mystic who answered questions on...

Beating Elon Musk to Mars

Elon Musk is planning to get to Mars. But can there be a better way for...

Conscientiology Technique

Theory and Practice Conscientiology and Projectiology give special...

Projectiology Waldo Vieira, M.D.

According to Waldo Vieira, sixty-four-year-old Brazilian physician,...

Lars Muhl

The Danish author, mystic and musician Lars Muhl. Using the mystical healing...

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The Next Edgar Cayce A Child Prophet
find out what beautiful words he spoke

Astral-institute was contacted one month ago by the family of this 5 year old boy who talked for hours one night in his sleep. His mother recorded it on her phone. Find out what he had to say and decide if he might be the next Edgar Cayce. 

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