Last night I sat down to watch an interesting new movie called astral. Another horror movie based on the premise that astral projection is a dangerous and occult practice where anyone willing to try will open up a gateway to demonic creatures waiting to attack, and I have to say I liked it…

How a near-death experience transformed the psychologist’s attitude to the world of mysticism and magic. A 68-year-old Carl Gustav Jung – then the world’s most renowned living psychologist – broke his fibula. While in hospital, he suffered a heart attack. Treated with oxygen and camphor, he lost consciousness and had a near-death and out-of-the-body experience.

Based on the true story of when an amateur Hypnotist discovers the story of Edgar Cayce and decides to see if he can regress a friend’s wife to a past life. So begins the incredible story of how a middle American housewife began to retell the story of her childhood in Cork and later life in Belfast over 100 years before she was born.

After having survived cancer, Clifford Michaels sought to inspire his peers and others with his debut book, “Harnessing Heaven” which was published in 2016. The book addresses not just his own personal experience of transition and motivation, but the revelations and self-transformations that can occur when an individual opens their minds and thoughts to a higher level. With a foot in two worlds, Clifford works with the intelligence that surrounds us for healing and words for communication, by bringing comfort to others. His desire is to raise humanity’s awareness to the true existence of who they are, which will aid in bringing peace among the global community. In addition to his spiritual writing, he also teaches metaphysics.

Dream Theory in Malaya  is titled after a paper by a visionary anthropologist, Kilton Stewart, who in 1935 visited a remarkable highland tribe of Malayan aborigines, the Senoi, whose happiness and well-being were linked to their morning custom of family dream-telling—where a child’s fearful dream of falling was praised as a gift to learn to fly the next night and where a dream-song or dance was taught to a neighboring tribe to create a common bond beyond differences of custom.


The first detailed, scientific and first-hand account of a series of conscious and voluntarily controlled astral projections were by Mr. Oliver Fox, and published in the Occult Review for 1920. These articles were entitled, respectively, “The Pineal Doorway,” and “Beyond the Pineal Door” and embody the author’s personal experiences. Finally after years of personal research, Fox wrote one of the most important and influencial works on the subject of Astral Projection and changed the course of humanity.

Rythm, a neurotechnology startup, launched of Dreem, a pioneering sleep solution that monitors, analyzes, and acts on your brain to enhance your sleep. Dreem represents a completely new category of product that merges cutting edge neuroscience research and disruptive technology to push the understanding and enhancement of sleep forward.