Marilynn Hughes has experienced, researched, written and taught about Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism since 1987 and has appeared on innumerable radio and television programs to discuss her thousands of out-of-body experiences. She is featured in the documentary film ‘The Road to Armageddon’ which was released in the Fall of 2012 and has been included in ‘The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World,’ Marilynn was invited to speak at the 2014 Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution nine Global Scientists, Humanitarians and Mystics are invited to London to speak about the evolution of human consciousness; Marilynn has been the object of a Scientific Study on Out-of-Body Experiences and a subject in a Scientific Study on XPE, Extra-Planetary Experiences.

Q: How did you become interested in Astral Projection?

A: When I was nine years old, I had a mind opening experience and was told that later in my life these experiences would return and God had a mission for me to fulfill. The experiences returned shortly after the birth of my first daughter at the age of 22, and have continued since, I am now 50 years old. I have written over 75 books and 40 magazines on the subject.

Q: Did you have an out of body experience before knowing they existed?

A: Yes, I always had a devout faith, but what happened when I was nine was unprecedented to me. Since I had read the bible and read about other people’s visions in such contexts, I was able to define it in a way for myself although I did not have this terminology at that time.

Q: What do you recall of your first intentional astral projection? Anything odd, unusual, or unexpected?

A: The sheer consciousness of it, it was so beautiful, life-affirming, so clear, so real, so beyond normal daily experience, I knew there would never ever be a way to deny it in my entire life. I woke up in awe of the Lord. My mother thought I was imagining things when I told her, and this had been the most important moment of my life to date. I realized very quickly that these experiences would be something I would not be able to share as openly as I would like. And I realized with great sorrow that at that time, so much of reality is cut off to most of humankind because of their closure to the spirit world. And because of its vast beauty, wonder and knowledge, I considered this tragic.

Q: Can you describe any pivotal early astral projection that really blew your mind? What happened? What questions did those experiences create for you?

A: There really are so many, so I will describe a pivotal experience that I had which was not early on but perhaps a couple of decades into the process. The pivotalness of this experience is in the fact that I shown the secrets of the Catholic Holy Mass and this occurred before my conversion to the faith.

Q: What are the benefits of learning to astral projection?

A: The Out-of-Body Travel Process begins a process of purification within the soul which is essential to our achieving the goal of our incarnation upon this earth.

Q: What do you see as dangers in astral projection and how can people deal with them?

A: The greatest dangers involve wandering spirits, lost souls, dark spirits, evil spirits and actual battles which can occur between principalities and powers. I’d like to recommend that you view the documentary ‘The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary’ – – and we also have books on these subjects to help the traveler to learn about these very serious and important pitfalls which can happen: Ghosts and Lost Souls –
Spiritual Warfare, Angels and Demons –

Q: After so many years do you find it easier to enter the out of body state?

A: Absolutely, it begins very slowly, but after about 28 years, it comes very much of its own accord.

Q:What does astral projection tell us about the nature of consciousness?

A:That we are infinite, eternal beings, and even more so – because of the simple fact that our lives here remain mortal – that there is a reason and purpose for our existence here which we don’t want to miss. We don’t want to waste time.

Q:Can somebody get caught out of the body and if so, how does one deal with it?

A:If anything goes awry, you call on Jesus Christ for deliverance. Call on his name repetitively. You can also call out ‘Jesus Crucified, Jesus Crucified.’ Recite the ‘Our Father’ prayer which is very powerful, but ASK and it shall be given to you.

Q: Has astral projection ever created a paranormal experience during the normal waking state?

A:Yes, this is a very natural part of all paranormal processes in that they all lead to one another. For a very detailed answer, please read ‘Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism: A Primer on the Basics of Out-of-Body Experiences and Energetic Law in Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism –

Q: What are the top things you would recommend to do when out of body?

A:First and foremost, can’t stress this enough . . . ask God to show you the truth regardless of what your previous view of reality may be . . . this gives God permission to teach you.

Q:Can Astral Projection be used to deal with personal development and if so how?

A:In every possible way . . . it is the path of purification, discrimination and discipline. This is the fast track to spiritual awakening, enlightenment, self-evaluation, the overcoming of vice and the embrace of virtue. . . in every possible way. It is the fast track.

Q:Why have you devoted so much time to Astral Projection? What motivates you?

A:I have been instructed to do so in my out-of-body travels, it is my mission in this life to spread as much of the truth about this subject as God makes possible. It is the mission of ‘The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation’ to reduce spiritual and physical hunger worldwide and I will do that until the day I die.

Q:What are the cutting-edge issues in Astral Projection today?

A:My own view of this is that purification is the cutting edge issue. Too many people view this as a phenomena, something to be experimented with, sometimes played with . . .out-of-body travel is a spiritiual practice of the highestcaliber. Spiritual practice requires something of us. We can’t create our own spirituality based on
what we believe to be true and expect it to be fruitful.
Many people will wish to have a spirituality but not require change within themselves. This is not possible. Oftentimes, you will see people actually create their own doctrine around their primary vice.
By so doing, they allow themselves the opportunity to practice a certain sense of ‘spirituality’ which requires nothing of them. They can continue to engage in those things which they know are hindering their path. If you can recognize that the very simple nature of the fact that you are incarnate here in this mortal realm indicates something to you, this can be overcome. You are here, therefore, you’re not done. Now you’re ready . . . allow God to tell you His truth, and detach yourself from what you believe to be true. Thus, truth will emerge of itself.

Q:What do you see as the future of Astral Projection?

A:This process will accelerate the evolutionary progress of the human race if we can reach enough people to begin the actual process for which we were made incarnate here. The possibilities are astronomical in terms of accelerating the actual potential development of the human race into a higher race which would have the possibility of eventually joining the galactic council. We would become Galactic beings. To learn more about this, please read my interview in ‘Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien Human Contact and the Expansion of Human Consciousness’ –

Come to Wisdom’s Door
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