Have you ever had such a dream, not just a vivid dream, but a highly detailed dream in which you suddenly realise you have ALL the power in the Universe to create whatever it is you wish? You are fully engaged and aware that you are in-fact inside your own dream!

This phenomenon is called Lucid Dreaming.

When lucidity hits the dreamer’s experience, a sudden wave of pure realisation gives rise to a limitless expansion of freedom.

In that very moment you become all that there is to become. You transform back into your true-self. This is of course without the help of man’s forced limitations- including the confines of a hologenetic illusory construct, A.K.A ‘The Matrix’ we live in. (Or if you prefer, ‘The Matrix of the Mind…’)

The lucid state is an individual time for extreme transformation (or playtime for some!) Whether it’s for recreational use or for self-realisation upon a spiritual path, either way, it’s totally fine and is your secret private time that is there for you to discover and experiment.

What Can I do to Boost my Lucid Skill and Life Path?

Thousands of years ago ancient tribes and traditions knew that the ‘Dream World’ was quite literally another layer of reality that coexists with the physical dimension that we all live in today. They speak of it as if it were as ‘real’, if not more real than the physical world, (Unlike today in the west, we refer to dreams as just dreams.)

Ancient texts claim to reveal hidden ‘dream’ science that they understood for the development of their spiritual growth, in which they could bring back extra-ordinary abilities and skill-sets. Whether it is because they unlocked this within themselves or acquired this completely from the dream world is debatable. Be your own Guru and decide for yourself.

My take on this is that we already have the special abilities within ourselves, it’s simply a case of remembering and unlocking. The Lucid Dream world, in which one becomes conscious within their dream state, is simply a direct launch pad in opening these special parts of you.

The ancients also meditated within the lucid state, as they understood that this was a direct way of being in that space of pure-self with no barriers. When they sat and were still for a length of time within their lucid dream, they claimed to have gained a quicker route towards enlightenment. Almost like a fast-track way to self-realisation.

One can propel quicker along the spiritual path much more directly when meditating within a conscious dream.

I have experienced this a handful of times, and each time is different. The other night I became lucid in my dream. I was presented with a beautiful circular fountain and resting on top of its crystal clear waters was a beautiful lotus flower. I remembered my objective in which to meditate within the lucid dream. I sat onto the edge of the fountain, clasped my hands and closed my dream eyes and drew my focus to my breath. I suddenly felt a whoosh of ecstasy running through my veins, pure blissful energy circulating rapidly around my dream body. It was too much for me to stabilise as the feeling kept on growing and growing! My dream body reached its limit and I snapped back to my physical body back on Earth… Fully relaxed and feeling blessed for such a profound experience!

Please test this for yourself and see what results you may get. I would love to hear all of your different lucid experiences.
Instead of running through the dreamscape like a headless chicken, why not try a more Yin approach to dreaming and meditate mindfully within the lucid dream itself?

Please share.

Nick x


Nick is the author of books Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming and Dreamscape Series One and the creator of the cartoon character Dr. Lucid. He also runs the website Alwayslucid.com

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