Dreamleaf is the most advanced lucid dreaming supplement on the planet. Recently featured on CBS’s daytime TV show The Doctors, Dream Leaf is specially formulated to do 4 things…

  • INDUCE LUCID DREAMING. Dream Leaf activates the neurotransmitters involved in conscious dreaming, helping you maintain a level of consciousness and control while dreaming so you can have incredibly vivid, memorable lucid dreams.
  • ENHANCE DREAM RECALL. Dream Leaf raises your Acetylcholine levels and enhances your ability to better remember your dreams.
  • PROMOTE BALANCED SLEEP. Dream Leaf helps you experience a healthy balance of deep sleep and REM sleep to ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.
  • CREATE LONGER DREAMS. Dream Leaf lengthens your natural REM sleep cycle, causing your dreams to be much longer and much more vivid.

The Product

Several weeks ago, I was asked to review a product to review called Dreamleaf, and although not normally interested in trying supplements to improve my dream states, I have on occasion being tempted to try some without any real success, so after reading into it more I decided to give it a go. I waited until the weekend to be sure of giving it the best possible trial. On the Friday night, I took my first test run. Having read through the instructions on the pack and I jumped right in.

The Dreamleaf Promise

Dreamleaf promised to activate the neurotransmitters involved in conscious dreaming, which would help me to have matchless lucid dreams.

  • Mugwort helps calm your nerves. This is a popular dream herb for many lucid dream enthusiasts because it also causes your dreams to be highly creative and much more vivid.
  • 5-HTP Boosts serotonin levels, causing what’s known as the “REM rebound effect.” This effect lengthens dreams during the 2nd half of the night, providing a much larger window for your lucid dreams to be experienced in.
  • Huperzine-A slows the breakdown of ACh, which helps you maintain access to your reality memories. Huperzine A helps you to have lucid dreams.
  • Alpha GPC promotes rational thinking during REM sleep and functions as an incredible catalyst for lucid dream induction.
  • Choline assists Huperzine-A in raising Acetylcholine levels. It is the single most effective supplement for dream recall. Since memory and lucid dreaming are interconnected, this ingredient works wonders while you sleep.

This is obviously a big claim and the results would depend on external factors such as diet, activity and lifestyle. But the science behind the product was sound and I was happy to give it a go.

The First Results

So I took the prescribed blue pill before going to sleep at which point I when through my normal pre-sleep lucid dreaming process, then set my alarm for 4 hours into sleep as recommanded to take the red pill. I slept well and found it hard to wake during the night, but luckily I had the red pill on my nightstand and quick took it before going back to sleep.

That’s when the magic happened, I felt like Alice falling through the rabbit hole as I slipped into unconsciousness; I quickly became lucidly aware that I was in a dream. It was as if the active self-aware part of my mind had not switched off as my body relaxed. I was actively in a dream while completely aware that I had just falling asleep. The sensation was intense and the dream had a hyper reality even more intense than waking life. It became on of the most immersive lucid dream experiences I’ve ever experienced. The sheer vividness of the dream and total lucidity blew my mind.

In giving this testimonial I must point out that I have been experimenting with Lucid Dreaming for many years and activity focus on dream recall. So I am not a novice and results would depend on the individual but I can say that the results were beyond what I personally expected from a food supplement.

We Recommend Dreamleaf

In my opinion, Dreamleaf out performs any other nutritional supplement on the market and to date I have never had anywhere near as positive results with another product. In saying that, I also believe that this product will not work without combining it with other Lucid Dreaming Training Methods. It is a very strong and very powerful complement to other lucid dreaming practices and it should be used with other techniques to guarantee success.

Warming: Due to the intensity of the Lucid Dreaming Experiences possible through the use of this product, I do not recommend it to anyone who does not have a full understanding of how to control lucid dreams.





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