For several nights after you retire (several weeks would be better) watch yourself during the process of going to sleep. Try to concentrate your thoughts within yourself. Think of nothing and no one but yourself. Try to keep a close watch upon yourself, as your consciouness grows dim. Try to remember that you are awake, but still going to sleep. You will catch the significance of this when you try it – far more than you do now, while reading it.

After you have learned to hold consciousness well up into the hypnagogic state, until you actually are enveloped in sleep, then you must go a step further and construct a proper dream to hold in mind, while going to sleep. Remember: the dream must be constructed so that your are going to be active in it; and further, it must be constructed so that the action you go through will correspond to the route taken by the astral body when projected.

What do you like to do? Swim? Ride in an aeroplane? Go up in a balloon? A ferris-wheel? An elevator?

Be sure and do (in your dream) the thing you like to do. If you select something you do not like, the sensation will interiorize you, for it will be unpleasant. Do that which will give you a sensation which you like, and if you become fully conscious, once you are projected, you will like the sensation which you will actually get from the astral body floating in the air. This will go a long way toward ultimate success— to have the action in the dream of such a nature that you enjoy the sensation. Now let us suppose that you enjoy going up in an elevator. (This is the formula I use.)

You have already learned to hold consciousness up to the time you go to sleep. Lie upon your back. Think within yourself. You are lying upon your back on the floor of an elevator. You are going to lie there quietly and go to sleep, and as you enter sleep the elevator is going to move upward. And you too are going to enjoy the sensation of going up, as you lie upon your back on the floor of the elevator.

Now it is trembling a little, getting ready to go up to the top story of a large building. Slowly, quietly, it is going up, going up, going up! You are conscious that you are moving upward. You are enjoying the sensation to the utmost. It is nearing the top story now. It has stopped. You are going to rise to your feet and walk out of the elevator and round the floor of the upper story of the building. You are going to look all about you, as you walk round, observing everything. Now you are going to walk back into the elevator and he down upon your back on the floor. Slowly you are moving downward, slowly downward, and now you are lying on your back on the floor of the elevator, on the ground floor of the building.

I have stated that this was the dream I constructed for the purpose of inducing the astral body to emerge from the physical.

Now, it is important to use the same dream over and over again; for if you try first one dream and then another, the subconscious will not be impressed with the construction (of the dream) as strongly as if you repeat the same one over and over each night, as you are entering sleep.

Have the dream vividly worked out in your mind, and hold it before you as your consciousness is slowly diminishing; shift yourself right into the elevator just as the moment of unknowingness comes to you; and the astral body will move upward in the elevator; it will upright itself above the shell, just as you dream of standing up when the elevator reaches the top floor; it will move outward, just as you dream you are walking out of the elevator.

Likewise, on the return, as you walk into the elevator, the astral will move to a position directly over the shell; as you he down, the astral will resume the horizontal position; as the elevator lowers itself, the astral body will lower itself also. The dream is a suggestion to your subconscious Will, and that Will acts accordingly. You should be able to remember the dream after awakening. Another advantage of this method is that the astral cable does not annoy one as it does when a projection is induced by other methods. If one can project oneself by dream control, and move some distance away, and then become conscious, one should never know that cord-activity range exists. The big problem lies in gaining consciousness, when once one is projected. Remember that the dream consciousness is not the true consciousness – although you can remember the dream. How to gain true consciousness while of of the body will be discussed in the next chapter.

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