What does “raising consciousness” actually mean?

It is often portrayed as some sort of super-human accomplishment that will grant us spiritual super powers… but it is simply about becoming freer within ourselves. The freer we feel within, the LIGHTER we are. Becoming “enlightened” is simply about lightening up. We can now forget about becoming something more “special.” Raising our consciousness is simply the process of lightening up our load of fears and limiting beliefs so that we can travel lighter on our journey!

1. Be You in Every Moment

Yep, it’s that simple. Replace pretence with your presence. You don’t have to wait until you feel “good,” “perfect,” or “enlightened,” or wait for something to happen for you to relax into your own being. You don’t need to look at another’s journey and compare, judge, or doubt yourself, either. This type of thinking just tricks you out of the perfection of you in this moment anyways. No matter what you are feeling or what the situation is, just be you and let the rest unfold.

2. Let Go of the Fear of Feeling

Open Doors. This is a big one. Discovering who we are is no different than opening the door of a house — the house being a metaphor for our human mind. It’s a great step; we’re letting some light in! But does it mean we have visited it thoroughly? Does it necessarily mean we have experienced each room, opened every closet, and even spent some time in the “scary” basement? Perhaps we have quickly peaked in each room, but have we taken the time to explore them fully, meditate in them, open the windows to let some light in, and perhaps do a little cleanup? Are we okay with leaving the doors open for us and others to see?

The light of our awareness isn’t limited to entering what is comfortable and acceptable to the mind. It is here to illuminate all rooms — even those dusty closets with all of the old, emotionally charged baggage we have been reluctant to explore. What has laid dormant within each room is often ignored. But now, the winds of change are blowing all doors open and many of us are feeling and re-experiencing many emotions that we have once protected ourselves from feeling again. The only thing that blocks us from seeing the blessing in letting the wind blow us open is the fear of feeling. When we choose to not be controlled and defined by this fear anymore, we naturally keep all of our doors open knowing that it cannot break who we are, but only identities with old patterns that were limiting our inner freedom and peace anyways.

3. Remove Your Masks (Even Your Spiritual Mask)

Can you identify as nothing in particular? For example, look at a bunny, a bird, or a flower. Is the bunny hopping around thinking it’s a bunny, is the bird singing because it knows “that’s what birds do,” and is the beauty of a flower experienced via its name, or is it simply witnessed in silence? The same goes with us. Let’s not dismiss the BEING within the term “human being.” The less we let ourselves be defined by rigid identities, the more space we allow for our own authentic presence to shine through, and the lighter and more alive we feel. Take a moment to breathe in this very moment and identify as NO-THING. There you are…


For several nights after you retire (several weeks would be better) watch yourself during the process of going to sleep. Try to concentrate your thoughts within yourself. Think of nothing and no one but yourself. Try to keep a close watch upon yourself, as your consciouness grows dim. Try to remember that you are awake, but still going to sleep. You will catch the significance of this when you try it – far more than you do now, while reading it.

After you have learned to hold consciousness well up into the hypnagogic state, until you actually are enveloped in sleep, then you must go a step further and construct a proper dream to hold in mind, while going to sleep. Remember: the dream must be constructed so that your are going to be active in it; and further, it must be constructed so that the action you go through will correspond to the route taken by the astral body when projected.

What do you like to do? Swim? Ride in an aeroplane? Go up in a balloon? A ferris-wheel? An elevator?

Be sure and do (in your dream) the thing you like to do. If you select something you do not like, the sensation will interiorize you, for it will be unpleasant. Do that which will give you a sensation which you like, and if you become fully conscious, once you are projected, you will like the sensation which you will actually get from the astral body floating in the air. This will go a long way toward ultimate success— to have the action in the dream of such a nature that you enjoy the sensation. Now let us suppose that you enjoy going up in an elevator. (This is the formula I use.)

You have already learned to hold consciousness up to the time you go to sleep. Lie upon your back. Think within yourself. You are lying upon your back on the floor of an elevator. You are going to lie there quietly and go to sleep, and as you enter sleep the elevator is going to move upward. And you too are going to enjoy the sensation of going up, as you lie upon your back on the floor of the elevator.

Now it is trembling a little, getting ready to go up to the top story of a large building. Slowly, quietly, it is going up, going up, going up! You are conscious that you are moving upward. You are enjoying the sensation to the utmost. It is nearing the top story now. It has stopped. You are going to rise to your feet and walk out of the elevator and round the floor of the upper story of the building. You are going to look all about you, as you walk round, observing everything. Now you are going to walk back into the elevator and he down upon your back on the floor. Slowly you are moving downward, slowly downward, and now you are lying on your back on the floor of the elevator, on the ground floor of the building.

I have stated that this was the dream I constructed for the purpose of inducing the astral body to emerge from the physical.

Now, it is important to use the same dream over and over again; for if you try first one dream and then another, the subconscious will not be impressed with the construction (of the dream) as strongly as if you repeat the same one over and over each night, as you are entering sleep.

Have the dream vividly worked out in your mind, and hold it before you as your consciousness is slowly diminishing; shift yourself right into the elevator just as the moment of unknowingness comes to you; and the astral body will move upward in the elevator; it will upright itself above the shell, just as you dream of standing up when the elevator reaches the top floor; it will move outward, just as you dream you are walking out of the elevator.

Likewise, on the return, as you walk into the elevator, the astral will move to a position directly over the shell; as you he down, the astral will resume the horizontal position; as the elevator lowers itself, the astral body will lower itself also. The dream is a suggestion to your subconscious Will, and that Will acts accordingly. You should be able to remember the dream after awakening. Another advantage of this method is that the astral cable does not annoy one as it does when a projection is induced by other methods. If one can project oneself by dream control, and move some distance away, and then become conscious, one should never know that cord-activity range exists. The big problem lies in gaining consciousness, when once one is projected. Remember that the dream consciousness is not the true consciousness – although you can remember the dream. How to gain true consciousness while of of the body will be discussed in the next chapter.

This is an extract from Sylvan Muldoon classic The Projection of the Astral Body, Please sign up to our newsletter to receive news of our upcoming published edition of this book.

Itzhak Bentov was a mechanical engineer, inventor, author and mystic and explorer of cosmic consciousness.

He was able to combine his curious mind with a courageous soul to explore the unknown realms of cosmic consciousness with just wit and humor as his luggage. His plan was to publish some of his work as a comic strip instead of a cosmic trip! Bentov had two ways to prepare himself for his “trips,” which were not drug-induced.

Initially, like Archimedes, he used the “wet method” of soaking in a bathtub full of hot water, going into a “twilight zone” to get flashes or ideas that he scribbled down on a notepad. Later he favored the “drier method” of meditation and relaxed concentration. He wrote:

“I could attain remote reality by simply visualizing myself to be there, and there I was…”

What did Bentov see at the highest levels of cosmic consciousness?

There is no limit to the extent of human cosmic consciousness. It can expand to fill the universe, and then you can talk to the Creator. You can talk to all the beings, who are gods; you have a diplomatic visa to infinity.” – Itzhak Bentov

Bentov described two groups of advanced beings in different areas of the Absolute, the dark void above Manifest Creation, which looks like a translucent, shimmering sphere [which is our multiverse]. This is how he illustrated and described it in his wonderful book:

  1. “Nirvana” (left side) with pure and exalted beings (practically all Easterners) immersed in meditation, experiencing intense eternal bliss caused by pure consciousness flowing unaffected through their bodies out into the Manifest Creation below them. He said they are entitled to their bliss, but will not evolve beyond this state, because once you get in, you can’t get out (see the wall)!
  2. The “Blue-Collar Workers” (right side) have renounced the option of eternal bliss. Pure consciousness flows through their bodies, but they add a slight vibration to it to produce a certain effect on the evolution of particular planets, because they have compassion for the beings on them. They will keep evolving and in time leave the population of Nirvana far behind.

What a fascinating concept! You can take it as a nice metaphor, illustration or story, whatever you like. We also can think of it in fractal terms, as in “as above, so below.”

If pure consciousness is flowing through you right now, how are you modifying it? What are you creating and projecting with your being? What interference pattern or imprint are you leaving to those around you and below you in terms of consciousness?

Is there a manual on how to become a spiritual master?

Bentov and others have said that we each create our own reality. He explained:

“It’s just a trip back home to reunite with your own Self (the observer). We are the creators, the producers and the consumers of our own reality, because we are the consciousness itself.”

That means each of us writes our OWN Manual on How We Are Becoming a Spiritual Master, as we experience, learn and evolve within the multiverse up to the highest level possible.

That also means your path is uniquely yours, so own it. Don’t look for the meaning of life elsewhere. Give it its meaning by who you choose to be and how you choose to do things. Learn as you go. You are no less than a creator being in training in this and every moment of your life, which is eternal.

Dr Alexander De Foe, Ph.D., is an experimental psychologist, clinical researcher, and transpersonal coach based in Melbourne, Australia. He is most well-known for his work on perception in out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and counselling approaches centred on exceptional states of human consciousness. Dr De Foe is founder of the Centre for Exceptional Human Potential, which offers information and support for those who have experienced altered and transcendent states of self.

Dr De Foe created a free book linked to his website which is available to all provided it is not used for personal financial profit.

[button link=”https://alexdefoe.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/consciousness-beyond-the-body.pdf” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Get a Copy[/button]

During Doctor de Foe’s research he has found:

During an out-of-body experience (OBE) a person finds his or her centre of consciousness displaced from their physical body.

Research suggests around 10% of people have had an OBE, where they have experienced leaving their body and viewing it from a different location in the room.

During an OBE people typically see themselves from a different place in the room, hovering above, or standing next to, their body.

One study found 37% of people who have these experiences are capable of inducing them wilfully. In a recent research study I conducted, I found that this number is in fact as high as 45%.

Meditation, visualisation and guided relaxation techniques have been related to induced OBEs. Such factors could account for some individuals being more capable of inducing their own OBEs.

Itzhak Bentov was born in Czechoslovakia and moved to America, he became an inventor and specialized in the creation of new medical instrumentation.  He died shortly after writing this book in a flying accident.

None of which prepares the reader for the model of the universe which Bentov proposes.  This is a fascinating book and will be of interest to all who study psychic matters and are interesting in a “model” of reality which reflects their own experiences.