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An excerpt from the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self

by Robert Waggoner © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Adventurous lucid dream explorers are likely to encounter several phenomena along their path. Out-of-body experiences, for example, are quite common. In fact, a survey of lucid dreamers conducted by The Lucidity Institute shows a strong correlation between lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences (OBEs). In the study, lucid dream experts Lynne Levitan and Stephen LaBerge report that “of the 452 people claiming to have lucid dreams, 39% also reported OBEs . . .”

In fact, many thoughtful, intelligent people have reported having OBEs. Author, professor and philosopher of consciousness, Thomas Metzinger, for example, wrote of experiencing an “out-of-body (OBE) state again” during an afternoon nap. Lecturer and writer Dr. Susan Blackmore, author of Consciousness, “had a dramatic out-of-body experience” that led to her deeper investigation into the nature of consciousness. I also recall a prominent sleep and dream researcher speaking at an IASD Conference at Tufts University who mentioned an apparent out-of-body type of experience while recovering from an illness.

My own experience with the out-of-body state occurred within six months of my first lucid dreams. As my seventeen-year-old self lay in bed and began to drift off to sleep, I felt an incredible energy and buzzing around me, particularly around my head. I was startled, but not sure whether I should be alarmed. The buzzing vibration sounded like a thousand invisible bees hovering around my head, or an Australian didgeridoo. I felt incredible energy all around me. Remembering don Juan’s advice, I told myself not to fear and just go along with it. Don Juan had told Castaneda that fear was the first barrier to overcome, since the ego used fear as a reason not to explore one’s totality and, instead, maintain the ego’s dominance of the waking self.

During one of these buzzing episodes, I noticed that I seemed suspended in space. I viewed the room from a perspective about five feet above my physical body, which, of course, was extremely odd! How was I getting a view like that, when I knew my body lay in bed with eyes closed?

That summer an even stranger incident occurred. I found myself flying around the sycamore trees in the front yard, doing loop de loops, really enjoying myself in the early morning dawn. It felt very real, not dream-like at all. Suddenly, I saw someone coming down the street on a bicycle. I felt the need to hide, so I flew to the roof of our house and hid behind the peak to watch. Moments later, the young person on the bike threw something at our house! I immediately woke up, alarmed at what I had just seen. It was around 6 a.m. and no one else was awake. I put on some shorts and rushed to the front door. I opened the door and, yes, someone had, indeed, thrown something at our house, and right where I expected—the morning newspaper! I was stunned. Could I have actually seen the newspaper boy ride his bike by our house and throw the newspaper? Could I have witnessed that from the roof of our house while my body lay in bed?

Imagination creates beautiful imagery, so I wondered if this was an interesting case of imagining a scene in a very real and vivid dream-like state that just “happened” to contain elements of a normal daily event? Could I, on some deep level, have heard the paper land in the grass on the opposite side of the house and simply concocted a dream about this sub-auditory event? I know the experience happened—yet how to explain it?

I decided to ask one of my brothers. He listened to my story, then said, matter-of-factly, “You’re having out-of-bodies.”

“I have them sometimes,” he said, “and normally I fly around the neighborhood. I like to fly around these sycamores, too.” I asked him how he knew they were out-of-bodies, and he mentioned a book by Robert Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body. He even gave me some advice on dealing with the buzzing and how to roll out of my body.

“Out of bodies”—holy smokes! I didn’t recall asking for them. Besides, all the buzzing and humming and energy felt weird sometimes. Comparatively, lucid dreams were fun and easy to understand, since my dreaming self played in the playground of my mind (or so I assumed). Even the term, “out-of-bodies” bothered me. It implies that the person’s awareness has left their body and now explores physical reality sans body. Yet, I definitely had a body image when experiencing this state—it just wasn’t a physical one. For this reason, I came to prefer the term “projection of consciousness,” as suggested by Jane Roberts.

As you can see, while the OBE experience itself may be somewhat commonplace, interpreting the experience is a challenge. If one’s awareness seems apart from the physical body, then does one experience a physical realm or an imagined realm, possibly a mental model of the physical realm? If it seems an imagined realm, then how do we explain the rare but occasional instances of apparently valid perceptions of the physical realm? And what does this say about the nature of awareness? Does awareness require a physical body, or does awareness reside sometimes within and sometimes without a physical body?

After reading about and talking with other lucid dreamers, I learned that many developed the ability to lucid dream before experiencing spontaneous, and less frequent, OBE-type experiences. One can not help but wonder if this coincidence of lucid dreaming and projections of consciousness result from an actual connection between the two experiences, or if it relates to the person’s interest and involvement in working with awareness. In other words, once we begin to lucid dream, do we then notice similar, subtle experiences of awareness?

On a number of occasions, in my college dorm room, I would take an afternoon nap with the intention of having an OBE. In one attempt, I recall looking very closely at a white, textured surface, just a fraction of an inch above my eye level. When I awoke, I realized that my awareness may have been about eight feet above myself, carefully inspecting the ceiling tile! To check it out, I precariously balanced a chair on my bed and stood on it to reach that same ceiling height. Now, if I could just stick the top half of my head into the ceiling, I could get my physical eyes in the same spot. The view seemed so close to what I had seen while apparently OBE. Just maybe, my awareness had actually moved.

For me, the OBE usually occurred in the local environment (that is, in the general area of where I had fallen asleep). Also I noticed that though I may fly around the neighborhood, I unintentionally “changed” things. For example, if I decided to fly through a house, I may find a window to fly through where no window exists in waking reality. Upon waking and recalling the situation, I would note that I had unknowingly made it easier for myself to fly into the house by mentally perceiving a window where none existed. Realizing this, I came to think of local OBEs as a “reality plus one” phenomenon. By that I meant that OBEs seemed to mimic a waking-reality model quite nicely, yet held “plus one” or added elements of apparent subconscious desire or intent interwoven into the imagery.

Differentiating Lucid Dreams from OBEs

Invariably, discussions with lucid dreamers yield clear differences between OBEs and lucid dreams. As I see it, there are six clear distinctions between the two phenomena.
First, most lucid dreams occur when one’s awareness comes to an understanding of the dream state while dreaming—one realizes one dreams within the dream. Most OBEs simply begin at the fuzzy juncture between waking and sleep, and then the person begins the OBE experience “aware.”

Second some OBE reports occur when instigated by physical trauma, illness, or medication, unlike most lucid dream experiences. In his groundbreaking book Lessons from the Light, near-death researcher Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., reports the story of a woman at Seattle’s Harborview Hospital who had a severe heart attack and then went out-of-body during cardiac arrest. Upon waking, she told the hospital social worker how she had floated up to the ceiling and watched as the doctors and nurses tried to save her, then she floated outside of the hospital and noticed a tennis shoe on the third floor ledge of the hospital’s north wing. She begged the social worker to see if a tennis shoe really existed on the ledge of the hospital’s north wing. To placate her, the social worker investigated the third floor ledge and was stunned to find a tennis shoe with the same wear marks and specific details the woman described from her OBE journey. Examples like this fuel the debate that some OBE experiences connect to remote perception in the physical world.

Third, OBEs often have reports of buzzing, energy, vibrations, and other phenomena preceding the experience, which lucid dream reports rarely mention. OBEs sometime mention “shooting out,” or “rolling out” of their physical bodies; comments normally never mentioned by lucid dreamers about lucid dreams.

Fourth, as Robert Monroe mentioned in comments to the Lucidity Letter, the “most common” difference between a lucid dream and an OBE involved the lucid dreamers’ ability to “change” the internally generated environment that they experienced; by contrast, those having an OBE do not report consciously changing their environment. Monroe suggests a difference in how the environment is experienced.

Fifth, as lucid dreamer Ed Kellogg has described, the memory of a long OBE experience seems crystal clear and easily recalled in a linear order, while memory of an equally long lucid dream seems less detailed and more difficult to recall precisely and in order. Many lucid dreamers, myself included, report this hampered memory with long lucid dreams, though my long OBE experiences seem comparatively clear, memorable, and detailed.

Sixth, OBErs usually report “returning” to their body, sometimes with a noticeable reconnection. Lucid dreamers, by contrast, at the end of the lucid dream report waking up, having a false awakening, or the dream imagery “going gray” (that is, losing normal visuals and seeing a diffused dark state).

In short, those experiencing OBEs normally recognize their state from the start; they often report unique vibratory and energy sensations preceding their experience; they seem to accept and not change their environment; they seem to recall easily the details of their experience; and, OBE reports contain more reference to “returning to the body.”

Lucid dreamers, by contrast, report that lucid dreams normally occur late at night and within a dream; lucid dreamers note a distinct change in awareness from non-lucid awareness to lucid awareness; they rarely report any unique sounds or sensations preceding their lucid dreams; they frequently change the environment; long lucid dreams seem relatively more difficult to recall in exact detail; and, finally, most lucid dreamers report that they decide to “wake up” or realize the dream has ended.

The difficulty in differentiating between lucid dreams and OBEs occurs when you have experiences like my flying around the trees, apparently seeing the newspaper boy. Was I OBE or lucid? On the one hand, I did not recall any humming or vibrating, but then again I do not recall leaving my body. I did not change anything, as lucid dreamers report, nor did I recall realizing, “This is a dream!” The experience occurred late at night, like a lucid dream, but I vividly recall every detail, like an OBE. I acted with a sense of awareness, but not like lucid awareness.

My example illustrates how easily one can become confused about two distinct types of inner experience. As co-editor of the online magazine, The Lucid Dream Exchange, I see this same confusion in a small subset of lucid dream submissions. The person does not indicate or recall how they became lucid, however they fly around the mental landscape much like in a lucid dream, yet fail to alter the environment, as lucid dreamers normally do.

Tomato, tomat-obe? Maybe so. But as we investigate the varieties of conscious experience and their possible meaning, we must take care to investigate the phenomena’s differences and similarities.

Bio: Author, Robert Waggoner, wrote the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self, (now in its tenth printing) and also co-authored the book, Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple. Visit his website www.LucidAdvice.com


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Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self

Now in its tenth printing, this exciting book has become a ‘classic’ for those on the lucid dreaming path. Filled with insights, thoughtful concepts and challenging questions, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self takes you on a transformational journey.


Higher Self Now

By William Buhlman

Being a long time fan of William Buhlman’s work in the field of Out of Body Experiences, we got in touch to find out about his latest book Higher Self Now!: Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution;  where he explores the subject of developing higher states of consciousness both in and out of the body.

William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body: How to Experience Out-of-Body Travel, The Secret of the Soul: Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature, and Adventures in the Afterlife. He conducts a six-day intensive OBE workshop at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia. His new book, Higher Self Now! details how to create the ideal mindset and preparation for an enlightened spiritual transition from the physical to the non-physical.

Visit the author’s website, www.astralinfo.org for more information.

William explained:

Nonphysical Energy Dimension

Most of us are taught from birth that if we live a good life and have faith in a religious doctrine we will automatically go to a heavenly paradise. Regrettably, this is a false assumption. At death a great majority of humanity will enter a nonphysical energy dimension existing just out of phase with the physical world. People are met by loved ones, reunited in a pleasant, physical-like environment. The many ills, pains, and harshness of the physical world are a thing of the past. There are no wars, starvation, or death in this new reality. On the surface, the new environment appears perfect and pristine when compared to our past physical existence.

As such, most people remain unaware that countless other realities are available, locations that are far more magnificent and thought-responsive. The physical-like environments that most assume are the ultimate heaven are actually the epidermis of the continuum of dimensions that make up the multidimensional universe. By our own actions we have essentially settled for and accepted the energy reflections of Earth instead of the glorious realities of the higher-vibrational dimensions that are our true spiritual home. With enhanced knowledge we can expand our ability to enter and navigate the countless thought-responsive dimensions of the afterlife. Armed with self- knowledge, we become empowered and can fulfil our destiny as an evolved soul.

Becoming Aware of our Energy

The energy dynamics of the afterlife are completely different than the laws of physics in the physical world. Each thought and emotion is a specific energy frequency. Due to the subtle energetic nature inherent in nonphysical environments, focused thoughts and emotions will mold our reality in the afterlife. Because our state of consciousness determines our afterlife reality, it becomes critical for us to focus on our mindset and our spiritual readiness before our transition. See Chapter 3, Becoming Aware of our Energy Attachments. Our state of consciousness and beliefs directly influences our subtle nonphysical body and the environment we will experience after death. In fact, for over a hundred years metaphysical teachers have referred to the astral body as the emotional body.

Our thoughts can be viewed as personal energy projections that possess the creative power to shape our life. When we recognize this universal truth we can begin to take full responsibility for our individual thought projections. Any low-vibrational energy we hold, such as fear or hatred, can and will negatively influence our current life and our afterlife existence as well. As an awakening soul it is our task to recognize, confront, and remove the restrictive energies to which we cling. This is a central aspect of our growth because at death we carry our complete state of consciousness with us. There is a Twenty One Day Transformation Challenge in Chapter 4 that will help you to identify and address anything that could be blocking you from reaching your highest level of evolution.

There is no escaping our own mental baggage. We create the chains that bind us to the denser energy environments of the universe and we alone are responsible for the afterlife we experience.

In order to better understand the constructs, confines and unitive elements of all paranormal experiences, Marilynn Hughes’s goal in this article is to define and expand on some basic spiritual concepts and understandings which are necessary in order to bring all factors together into a cohesive set of understanding.

So in order to understand how Marilynn defines terms concisely we asked her the following questions:

  • Where does your information come from? How do you receive it? What is the process of a Mystic?
  • What are souls? Do Extraterrestrials have souls? How does reincarnation play into this knowledge? What and where is heaven? What are the Galactic Heavens? How is the Black Hole intrinsic to this location and understanding?
  • How are all paranormal phenomena interrelated, and how do all paranormal phenomena also interrelate to the UFO phenomena?
  • What are some of the different types of Extraterrestrials that you have encountered?
  • Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence here? Why does it concern the Extraterrestrials?
  • What are the energetic Hierarchies in the Universe?

So let us begin in sequence.

Marilynn States:

The information that I receive comes to me through mystical or out-of-body experiences. In essence, this means that when I enter into a very deep level of consciousness, the energy of my spirit’s vibration will overtake that of the physical and I enter into what is called the vibrational state. At that juncture, I can leave my body and travel not just to the overlapping realms around our world, but to infinite realms of existence; both higher and lower existences.

In addition to my own experiences, for thirty years I have studied the ancient sacred texts from throughout the world and the ages in every world religion written by the prophets, saints, mystics and sages, many of whom have had experiences similar to my own.

By so doing, I have been able to put everything that I have seen through the scrutiny of that which others have also seen.

Soul is spirit. Spirit is a higher frequency of ethereal substance than our physical bodies. Our spirits contain within them not only the blueprint of our current physical body or structure, but of every body or structure we may have had in the past. So whereas our physical body may contain all the programming that we have been given to fulfill our earthly purpose in this particular sequence of time a.k.a. this lifetime; the soul has the capacity to contain the knowledge of all of our lifetimes in this or any other realm, in this or any other existences or between them. Our soul contains within it the blueprint of the higher aspects of ourselves and contains within it the map outlining the journey it has and is taking to reach its evolutionary destination.

Soul is inherent in all matter, so a blade of grass or even a non-living object such as a table will have an etheric blueprint. In the mystical view, there is an all-pervading light which supersedes and overlaps the physical universe.

So, yes, Extraterrestrials have souls. Animals have souls. Plant life has soul. Even inanimate and apparently non-living objects like rocks have soul substance.

And because many people have experienced lifetimes not only on this planet, but on others; human beings can also contain within their soul substance the memory of lifetimes on other planets as what we would refer to as Extraterrestrials.

In taking this understanding further, then it would seem obvious that heaven is not only a place but an actual frequency of existence. In mystical travel, the spirit ascends into the heavens above the earth and then be summoned towards a galactic phenomenon which appears quite similar to the black hole. If a soul is to progress through this gateway, it will begin to spin and turn like a star tunnel. And as soon as the soul is swept into and through the gateway, they would enter into what many refer to as heaven.

It is a higher vibrational overlap of the universe as we know it, and it contains within it all life forms from all worlds. When you first enter, this internal soul knowledge is so familiar that you can easily miss the fact that there are spirits and souls in heaven from not only our own world but many. But when the traveler returns to their physical body later, it might occur to them that although this seemed quite natural at the time, there were indeed many Extraterrestrials residing in heaven.

So, indeed, heaven is the Galactic Heavens. And if you’d like to imagine how it might look, it is much like a floating city in the midst of the stars, galaxies and planets with space stations and many varied levels. There are infinite levels of heaven, just as there are infinite levels of the lower worlds.

And the Black Hole is the gateway to the Galactic Heavens.

  • With this understanding you can begin to discern how all paranormal phenomena are interrelated. Where many make their mistake is in thinking that somehow telepathy, out-of-body travel, shamanism, vibrational raisings, ecstatic experiences, downloads of various kinds of knowledge, orbs, channeling, (etc.,) . . . and Extraterrestrial contact are entirely different fields of study.

In reality, they are all part and parcel of one another. God communicates with us in a myriad of different ways, but the purpose of these communications remains one.

We are an evolutionary species in an evolutionary world; and each and every one of these events is to serve that higher function. Everything that we bring of heaven to earth enlivens the planet and ourselves, making greater progress and spiritual evolution possible.

We bring these things from heaven to earth by remembering them and taking in the frequency and vibration that they have brought into our sphere.

There is a higher moral law which governs evolution in this realm; and many of these contacts are intended to open us up to these higher laws and to become more aware and capable of attaining to higher stratospheres of human thought, frequency and vibration.

Because the Extraterrestrials are our brothers – varying intelligent species of a wide spectrum of knowledge and influence – contact with them often serves the same function as a holy vision of God because they are acting as emissaries; not unlike an angelic visitation or an encounter with a holy prophet.

Many people who have some type of Extraterrestrial encounter will return with heightened gifts of telepathy, intuition, receiving downloads of higher knowledge or even seeing into the spiritual world. Many continue to having out-of-body experiences or other types of paranormal phenomena.

It is also true that those who begin with other paranormal gifts often eventually have some type of Extraterrestrial contact, as well.

This is because they all serve the same purpose. Right now, this purpose has a great deal to do with the current status of human affairs. It is expedient at this time that those of us able to receive of the energetic influx from above do so; because our world faces two very extreme options. We will either blow ourselves back to the Stone Age or vibrate our world into a higher sphere and join our brothers in the Galactic Council.

As a simple rendering of world events can show you, the forces which would lead us backwards have attained to dominance. Once there are such a great number of souls lacking the ability to expand spiritually and exponentially in a manner which would serve life and the evolving nature of this world; there will be a crossroads.

When that time comes, huge catastrophes could occur which would force those who remain after the time of great upheaval to fulfill the function of their survival. And that function would be to seed a higher civilization based on higher spiritual values.

The physical body cannot ascend into this sphere without the energetic constructs within his soul attaining to higher and finer frequencies.

And again, we have many souls on the planet at this time that cannot stretch this far and no matter how much energy would be discharged in their direction, the effort would remain futile.

This is why it remains so important for those of us able to receive to accept the energies; because the balance of force within this world has to be contained within souls who can carry them. And there is an overabundance of souls who are carrying the force of darkness within them who will maintain dominance without our efforts.

  • In my mystical and out-of-body travel journeys, I have learned a great deal about the many kinds of Extraterrestrials. First and foremost, I have been shown that Extraterrestrials (not unlike human being or other spiritual beings) can come from darker regions, mortal regions or higher regions within the Universal Spheres.

As the third and fourth dimensional existences are mortal realms wherein the battles between good and evil do reign, those who would come to our planet from mortal worlds (such as the Grey’s, for example) would be coming from a similar thrust that we share. However, it does appear and seem that some Grey’s (again like human beings) have advanced more spiritually while others are still retaining elements of both the light and darkness.

Most Grey’s also appear to have developed the ability to communicate telepathically, and those who have traveled here are usually of a higher caliber spiritually. Elsewise they would not have been chosen for the task. However, despite the telepathic communication, we should not forget that some of their race still retain mortal elements and do not speak from higher knowledge.

Telepathy is a sense projection and evolution; rather than a wisdom factor.

This knowledge is very important for us to understand because we cannot blanketly accept any Extraterrestrial as having higher knowledge than us, although many do.

We would recommend the same for human beings, as there is a wide spectrum of frequency and vibration within any mortal realm. And not all factors are present in all human beings.

I have seen an evil Extraterrestrial race, and they appeared almost in a manner which we might correlate with cave men of ancient years on earth. They had a great deal of facial and body hair, larger eyes, darker skin eyes and hair; and they had somewhat of a crazy look in their eyes. And they were very dangerous.

The Venusians generally appear almost human, but they travel in spaceships which are made of geometric amethyst crystal. They are not saucers, but more like rockets with a wider vantage point from the bottom which narrows at the top. Some might compare them to an hourglass without the top section. They are quite beautiful vessels. The Venusians live in a world of love and light; which means that they are beyond dualities.

Remember, duality – good and evil – reside within the program. This means that such dualities reside within mortal realms and realms below them. But the worlds of love and light have ascended beyond duality into eternal unity. In order to better understand this, please read The Hammer of Mysticism, by Marilynn Hughes.

Alpha Centauri also lives in a world of love and light. Their spacecraft consist of silver saucers with no instrumentation. But the interior walls are blue. They have advanced to the point wherein they operate their vessels entirely through thought and they are also a completely telepathic race. Their world has a huge sun which sets at least half of the Alpha Centaurian Horizon. Appearing quite human, but very peaceful and calm, they seem to have light skin but dark hair. They wear uniforms of iridescent colors on their ships. They have told me that they are what we will become.

The Pleiades resides in the Galactic Heavens which is a vibrational frequency above the worlds of love and light. So take it up a few notches and you will be there. Many of them appear only as light, others will wear monk robes over their light bodies and you can sense the reverence, respect and holiness of these beings just by gazing upon their infinite beauty.

Some of them will take on human characteristics for our comfort. One of those who came to specifically teach me would appear as a light being who bore the slight features of an old wise man in a long white robe. He carried a staff and his aura emanated the light from which he had come. His name was Antoneek.

They travel mostly in mother ships, ironically, which are vast space stations which rumble across the surface of the earth sending out circular craft to fulfill individual missions. Their circular crafts are silver, with a blue light emanating from below center.

Pleiadians are unique in that they are probably the most powerful and continuous presence here at this time, for they are hoping to lead our world into a greater centrifuge with other worlds. But they also speak in a tonal language which cannot be described. (You can read about ‘The Seven Tones of Life’ according to the Pleiadians in The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism, by Marilynn Hughes.)

Many people have reported seeing the Arcturians and described them as blonde and very tall. When I saw them, I had been taken to Project Outreach, which is a space station in the midst of the Universal Spheres. They had silver skin and long blonde hair and they were unbelievably beautiful. They told me they were going to take me on a tour of 2.55 billion worlds, which they did. But they had come for an even more important purpose.

From Extraterrestrials: The Mystic Knowledge Series, by Marilynn Hughes

“Having started with their decree that they were in need of someone who could pose as a cosmic link-up from our realm to theirs, they had specific needs within the body of the person whom they would choose. All four members present in my star group wanted to go, but those from the other system insisted on me for reasons I only vaguely understood, my vibration was the most flexible on conscious and unconscious levels to undertake such a task. I was so lucky to be chosen for this, I cannot express it. The others were helpful, but disappointed. Approaching them to work with them telepathically, all of this a part of the link-up.

Wishing to create a cosmic link-up from our world to theirs, it was a very difficult process because they came from a world settled in light and life, and our world was so full of chaotic vibrations which were truly dangerous to them, because they existed on such a high fine frequency that our channels of vibration were very disturbing to their essence of being. As a result, they could remain with us for only short bursts of time, and when a disagreeable vibration began entering the realm, they immediately transcended to their own so as not to be harmed by the waves of negativity.

In order to develop this link-up, he had to allow me to slowly become more and more like him, and this was done by allowing me to hold his hand and the most magnificent experience of going with him when he transcended to other worlds. Setting up a two-dimensional linkup site where he would take me when the disagreeable vibrations began, as soon as we stepped on this point, we shouted “Oh mighty magnificent Lord, Oh mighty magnificent Lord!” Then we spoke some words in his language which I cannot remember now. As soon as we were finished, a light beam of immense proportions encompassed us and took us into his world which was pure light and joy. Little to see, it was a high, fine vibrationary existence. Everything sparkled in light, as if it was all composed of crystals, lights, prisms, jewels, and luminescent liquid ethers . . .

A great connection existed between me and this extra-terrestrial man, for I felt an immense recognition and love for his spirit which transcended the present time. Very sympathetic to my human condition, and my boredom with my sojourn on this earth, there were a few times in the beginning of working with this link-up where the male counterparts in my star group had acted rather base in their association with me, and my extra-terrestrial friend had protected me and discouraged them from their banal intercourse. Insisting on the highest level of respect between all forms of life was uplifting and exciting to one coming from a world filled with karmic turmoil.

Having traveled with him to his world about five or six times now, I was feeling very attached to my new friend. As the next chaos energy began hitting, we both ran towards our location. Joining him on the spot, we shouted out, “Oh mighty magnificent Lord, Oh mighty magnificent Lord!” We transcended this realm and went directly to another. Its beauty was so awe-inspiring; there truly are no words, because it was almost a fluid existence.

Dancing in the light, I would not let go of his loving hand. But as soon as we had arrived, he looked me deeply in the eyes. “Where I go now, you cannot come,” he said. “Oh, please take me!,” I pleaded, now so greatly enhanced by this change in my vibration that my body was bedecked in bluish-white crystal jewels and my voice sang out a resonant tone which harmonized with this Universe. “Maybe someday, you can stay with me in my world and sing to me with your beautiful voice,” he said. “Yes, yes,” I shouted, “I can do that.” “But not now, it cannot be now,” he replied, “Where I go now, you cannot come.” Expressing to me his happiness that they were able to find a soul with the spiritual features required for the making of this link-up, they hadn’t expected to create it by bringing a ward of our realm into their own.

“Please take me, I’ll change in whatever ways are necessary,” I continued pleading as he held my hand. “It is true, you have proven to be very able in modifying your form, but it remains that where I go now, you cannot come.” Disappearing into the ether, I began singing out a tone in mourning. My spirit remained in his realm for only a moment longer before fully materializing back in my own.

Approaching me with awe at my jewel adorned form, the other members of my star group had heard my lament and they placed their arms around me in compassion. “You were lucky to be chosen to go,” they said, as I suddenly realized how true it was. “You’re right,” I said under my breath, “I was lucky to be chosen to go.” “

My journeys also took me to the Galactic Council, wherein representatives from every world within the Council gathered. There were literally hundreds of different species. And only those worlds who were settled in life and light or above could join this Council.

But something happened during this council that I believe is so important in understanding the pathway we are to take in our spiritual journey and that with the Extraterrestrials that I share portions of it here.

From Extraterrestrials: The Mystic Knowledge Series, by Marilynn Hughes

“Now alit in the wonder of heaven, my soul looked upon a tremendous pathway which seemed to go on into infinity. Nearing ever closer, I noticed that this pathway began down below upon the Earth in the location of my current home. Flitting ever upwards towards the skies, it wavered and meandered, continuing up into the starry realms and the galactic mists beyond my current conception. In the distance, though well beyond view, my soul heard from the mouth of a heavenly host. “This path continues all the way to heaven.” As I neared closely enough to vision the purpose of this mystic trail, I suddenly noticed that it was comprised of books.

Leading me to a particular position upon the trail high above the cloudy sky and permeating the galactic havens, I knew it to be resonant of my current status upon the path. Before me were beautiful books covered in exquisite artwork depicting the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, but the pathway was composed of the ancient sacred texts and writings of the prophets, mystics, saints and sages of all world religions; the various meanderings left to us in print by those among us who have moved onward to another higher reality. In the writings of the ancient sacred texts, we were given the opportunity to share the journey of those who had passed beyond the Earthly gates, and thus, be so honored as to receive of the wisdom of their flight. If only other souls knew the tremendous gift of these vital etchings left behind by the prophets, mystics, saints and sages, perhaps they would seek them out . . .

My presence did not appear expected this night at the ‘Galactic Council,’ the highest council of civilizations around the Universe. My journey would begin with a local universal group originating in Washington D.C., United States. It was one of the most highly top secret gatherings in our world.

About 200 dignitaries had come from around the world, but the Lord bid to take me on a journey of such profound intensity; I can scarcely tell of it or restate it to those among the living in our world of mankind . . .

A very small and thin older gentleman approached me and said nothing. But in his hands he bore some things beyond words. Handing them to me, I said nothing also but stared at the documents in disbelief.

The first text he’d handed me was a careful preservation of all the ancient Hebrew texts of the bible and the biblical region. These were not translations, mind you, but the actual papyrus placed in a protective receptacle in the book. Leafing through it, I did not speak.

But as I gazed upon them, I realized that my journey had already encompassed their contents. (With the hopes that what I might share does not sound arrogant), I instinctively understood that these represented a road already traveled. And with that interior understanding made very clear to me, I would leave them here for somebody else who might still have need of them.

            Three other books lay in my lap beyond anything I could’ve imagined. They appeared to be a set . . . of galactic origin. Encompassing the knowledge of the other races within the Universe, they went beyond this in that they were ancient sacred texts of these other worlds and planets. Holding them and looking within their pages, I saw pictures of many different extra-terrestrial races. (For a moment, I remembered how long ago in ‘Galactica’ I’d been shown the galactic ancient sacred texts and how they were aeons above from those we had upon the earth.) . . .

And these were the Galactic Ancient Sacred Texts.

I have seen races with square heads, or with human features but bearing tails similar to that of roosters, light beings, many-colored beings, many who resemble humanity but bear some striking difference. For example the Greys with their big eyes, the silver skin of the Alpha Centaurians, or the monk robes that some Pleiadians choose to wear over their light.

I’ve seen Extraterrestrials who only speak in numbers, others who are almost like stick beings with large heads, some have only slits for eyes and mouth; and I’ve experienced both good and evil reptilian beings. Some seem advanced spiritually and others resemble the darker beings of the lower spheres. Energetic discernment is required to know the difference between them.

Some species resemble some of our animal species but with variations and/or human combinations, as well; for instance, a pink being of about four feet in height whose skin appeared amphibious and bore a two foot spout for a nose.

. But as you may have already noted, there are so many species and worlds that it would be impossible to cover them all.

But there is one of such extreme height in importance and glory that I share with you an excerpt from an interview given to Dr. Thomas Streicher, Ph.D. for his book, Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness.

“My spirit was taken to watch the workings of a very unusual star group of extraterrestrials. There were about five them, very tall, grayish pinkish in their tone and very serious in their facial expressions. Immediately, I experienced both awe and fear. But my fear was not of them, but a holy fear, a holy fear of God – the God that they served with such high distinction, I felt unworthy to be in their presence this night. Watching them, I was not allowed to speak to them. Their manner was one of being ‘matter of fact’ and ‘to the point.’ No nonsense creatures, their job was very clearly to get in, get the job done and get back out. Unnoticed, if at all possible.

As a profoundly high race of alien being, they had been sent to the earth many times to work with human kind to bring up their galactic receptivity. Their work was all done on an energetic level; it was to create in human beings a higher capacity for receptivity to higher realms and learning. Allowing me to see that they were currently working with several of the members of the Catholic Priesthood subconsciously, they were trying to assist them in bringing their their Christian understanding to a higher and galactic level. But most of those priests are unaware of their contact and in total there were at most ten to fifteen of them. The question was why?

Sharing with me telepathically that they had approached the masses of humanity for a higher end alignment – they had found that they were only successful in doing this on a large scale with one group of people; the Tibetans. I was shown one person who is involved in world events, former politician, will not reveal this person’s identity – who was also under the tutelage now of these beings. Because of their unique solitude, seclusion, quiet lives and meditation, these higher extraterrestrials had been able to affect this galactic hookup with most of them.

In their presence, I was hiding around the corner watching them do their work because they inspired such awe and holy fear. These were such high level extraterrestrials that you knew that they were given dominion to throw out any spirit who was present but not invited without a single thought. They were utilizing a piece of equipment with a long metallic bendable rod. At the tip of the rod was something which shaped much like a traditional lamp shade but rounded at the top and metallic. This was an instrument of some sort which they utilized to make these alterations in their subjects.

These are not mid-level beings, these are some of the higher operators in the galactic heavens and what they come to give is profoundly important. Although I could not adequately explain it, they were trying to bring some of humanity to a higher galactic attunement – an attunement with the Christ of the Galactic Heavens because Christ is Christ in the Galactic Heavens just as He is on earth, but He is much bigger than we know Him to be on earth . . . in the Galactic heavens.

In the Galactic heavens, there are beings from many different worlds. Heaven does not just consist of human souls, but souls from other spheres, other planets and those we would consider extraterrestrial. But when you’re in the galactic heavens, it couldn’t feel more normal that we are all there together and that Christ is known to them all in a more explicit, advanced, profound and galactic way.

Profoundly quiet, it seemed unlikely that these being ever engaged in talk, but when they were present it was important to allow them time to finish their work and leave in peace. Their work was difficult and required concentration.

As I looked upon them in holy awe, I realized that their function of galactic attunement was something which human mortals could scarcely understand. And the only way we could allow them to do their work successfully, was to let them do their work without our interference; our thoughts, our desires, our groundedness. It was essential that we become quiet in order to receive their gift.”

  • So why are we here? What is our purpose? Let’s use a little bit of common sense. We are all aware that our existence here is temporary, and in that very knowledge lies a mystery and a revelation. The revelation is very simple. So many human beings focus on worldly ends in their lives; seeking after things, money, worldly respect, etc.

But if you die tomorrow, what do you bring with you? Two things. a.) All the love that you have cultivated around you and within you, and b.) All that you have attained within your soul spiritually. What does this tell us? It tells us that our purposes here have to do with the greater expansion of loving and the acquirement of spiritual wisdom properly inculcated within the spirit and soul during life.

In the mortal realms, dimensions three and four, no matter where they may be – the purpose of such worlds remain the battles between darkness and light. And this battle is going on around us, and within us. So the purification of our souls is our purpose. And by so doing, we become able to truly feel, emanate and become more that is of love.

And remembering again that knowledge and wisdom are actually frequency and vibration; allowing those vibrational raisings and energetic/informational downloads is actually very vital in allowing the evolution of the soul to take place and in becoming more and more capable of a higher love.

Higher love is quite different from a simple worldly love. And our world is going through a crossroads wherein we can vibrate to a heightened level of awareness, spiritual capacity and love; or we can blow ourselves back to the Stone Age.

Many of our Extraterrestrial brothers have gone through this transition. They care about its outcome for two very important reasons. a.) They are giving back to creation what creation has given to them by assisting those who are struggling with something they have already ascended beyond. This is a simple eternal law that we all have to follow. b.) The nuclear capabilities that our planet has attained have changed the dynamic of this transformation because we can do just about anything on this planet and it will not affect them. But what we do with nuclear power affects all life in this galaxy and apparently others.

The extraterrestrials tell us that not only have we done this before, but so have other civilizations. Unfortunately, many of them including ourselves have taken the path leading backwards and civilizations including our own have suffered.

They are here to help us to make the choices which will lead to a greater outcome for our world and all worlds.

  • What are the energetic Hierarchies in the Universe?

In order to understand this vast question, you must first understand that Hierarchies in the heavenly spheres (and the lower for that matter) have to do primarily with energy, status and function. And these three qualities are then further delineated by the differing purpose between heavenly beings.

Finally, the very significance of a heavenly (or human being for that matter) has to do primarily with the will of God being performed within a being; not on a scale who is higher or lower, or closer or further from God. If a hierarchical being performs the purpose for which he was created, his significance remains the same.

For instance, a lot of people will ask questions like ‘Well is Christ higher or equal to the Prophets?’ or ‘What about the Masters?’ These questions have no simple answer. For example, in my writing I speak a great deal about the prophets, saints, mystics, saints, sages and ascetics.

These titles denote the energy, status and function of these souls who have incarnated on earth to contribute spiritual developments of great significance. And so doing, their significance remains intact. And if you met them, their energy would be quite similar to one another . . . but their status and functions would be quite different. Not better or worse different.

So, the servants of God in the heavenly kingdoms are referred to as the Royal Family of God. And all of these reside within that family and work together for the redemption of this world and others.

Where does Christ fit in? Well, Christ heads the Royal Family of God and his status and function is that of Messiah. So His status and function are different, but so is his energy.

Comparatively speaking, the Ascended Masters energy would be similar to the Christ, but their status and function are entirely different than that of the Christ.

One of the more difficult concepts to understand about Christ, as Messiah, is that Christ performs this function for many worlds. As you travel mystically towards the Galactic Heavens you will find that you must go through a corridor which has stained glass windows of Christ and all of His apostles floating in the ethereal winds on each side. Why would this be? Because other worlds know Christ as Messiah just as we do. He has incarnated into many worlds for the same function.

Both Christ and His Mother originate from the Pleiades.

As the many realms above and below remain infinite, Hierarchy remains infinite. Creation continues to create, and therefore, the only finitude you will find in Universal Matters regard the specific function, status and energy of individual created beings or forms. God Himself, remains infinite, and does whatsoever He pleases.

But even such finitude carries within it the constant evolving principle which sustains, maintains and moves universal reality as a constant motion towards God, towards life, towards creation, towards higher and finer frequencies of light.

Each of us can simplify this process by fulfilling our particular purpose and function so that all significances can merge into the unified whole required to attain to the higher vibrational frequency spheres of existence and bring our world to the higher potential of which the Extraterrestrials and the entirety of Universal creation are actively involved.

For more on Hierarchy, please consult:

Angelology: An Overview, by Marilynn Hughes (From the Ancient Sacred Texts and Writings of the Prophets, Saints, Mystics, Sages and Ascetics)

The Urantia Book (From a series of detailed papers transmitted by Extraterrestrials to a doctor beginning in 1914 explaining the angelic functions and the progress of the afterlife of individual souls in great detail.)

For more on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism, please consult:

The Hammer of Mysticism: Encyclopedic Journey into Mystical Processes and Terms, by Marilynn Hughes

The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose: The Revelation of the Celestial Mysteries from the Enclosed Garden of God, by Marilynn Hughes

If you are interested in pursuing these questions more deeply, please go to ‘The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation’ website at http://outofbodytravel.org for thousands of free resources on these and many more spiritual subjects.

SandieGustas-17When Sandie first came across the International Academy of Consciousness (an organization associated with the work of renowned Brazilian consciousness researcher, Dr. Vieira’s work) in 2001, she was working with a specialized agency of the United Nations in Geneva. She began volunteering for the IAC the following year. Having already spent several years in pursuit of self-knowledge, studying at the IAC had such an impact on her life that in 2003 she left Geneva and moved to London to train to be an instructor with the IAC, to promote its courses, and to assist in expanding its reach across Europe. In 2014 she joined the Brazil-based Interassistantial Services for the Internationalization of Conscientiology (ISIC).

Hi Sandie, could you please give the astral-institute a short introduction of who you are and what you do. Just for the people that don’t know you?

Hi. Sure. I’m Australian, and British! My professional background is in Marketing and Communications. I currently live in Paris. Prior to moving here, I spent 11 years in the UK where I volunteered and taught with a non-profit organization dedicated to researching the consciousness (soul, spirit, self) called the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). Their work is based on two sciences proposed by renowned Brazilian consciousness researcher, Waldo Vieira MD, known as conscientiology (the study of the consciousness) and projectiology (the study of the projection of the consciousness outside of the body [OBE] and bioenergies). Dr. Vieira recently passed away, leaving an immense body of knowledge, books and encyclopaedias, a research campus and several organizations as his legacy.

In 2014 I left the IAC and joined another organization known as the Interassistantial Services for the Internationalization of Conscientiology (ISIC), based in Brazil. Its purpose is to expand the reach of the 20+ Brazil-based organizations involved in the research, teaching and dissemination of these sciences across the globe, and to help direct people interested in learning more about these ideas to the organizations most closely aligned with their interests and needs.

How did you first hear about astral projection?

I remember having some strange experiences that I couldn’t make sense of when I was very young, often when I was ill. This isn’t unusual as being sick with a fever, for example, is an altered state of consciousness (ASC). And it’s easier to reach an ASC such as OBE, from another ASC. Knowing what I know now, I realize I was experiencing various sensations associated with leaving the body. One day I heard another kid at school talking about his experiences floating up outside of the body, travelling around his house and passing through walls and although everyone was laughing at him, I knew he was telling the truth and started trying to do it myself.

Have you had an out of body experience and if so, could you tell us about your first one?

As is often the case, children can be quite open to psychic phenomena. However, as we get older, we tend to become conditioned by society to believe that there is no reality beyond our physical world, beyond what we can perceive with our five physical senses. So my childhood experiences stopped and it wasn’t until I started studying at the IAC where we learned how to have OBEs and to experience and control other phenomenon such as clairvoyance and telepathy that I had another episode. One night while sleeping, I suddenly ‘woke up’ outside of the body. Because of what I’d learned, I was 100% sure of my condition, I knew my body was asleep but that I was conscious in the non-physical dimension. Initially I was hovering above a beach but I took the opportunity to put into practice what I’d learned in class, and spent time directing and controlling where I went and what I did. It was an experiment for me. This crystal clear experience enabled me to understand, in a way that I can never again deny to myself, that I am not my physical body. I am something more than that. It was an important moment for me.

When did you decide to dedicated you time to working on your book Less Incomplete?

I started working on Less Incomplete in 2004. I had been involved with the IAC for a few years, first as a student, then as a volunteer. I was so impressed by the depth of the research, the level of understanding and also the principles of the IAC and other, associated organizations. But the way in which the information itself was presented, both through Dr. Vieira’s books and through our courses, was very academic in style. Many complex (but necessary) neologisms were used to describe new concepts that we don’t deal with in our ordinary physical life. So I thought that the ideas could be made more accessible. An important objective of our work is to help anyone who’s interested, to learn, have and control their own experiences with paranormal phenomena, and to give them a perspective of their existence that includes non-physical realities. Making the information more accessible would help more people to do this. So I wrote my book to summarize the key concepts of conscientiology and projectiology in a ‘popular’ easy-to-read style for a non-academic audience.

The book goes on to show how this knowledge can benefit the readers in immensely powerful ways, explaining for example, how to:

* Master energy and use it as a tool for self-healing and healing others; to experience conscious and controlled OBEs; to increase their psychic abilities and protect themselves energetically.
* Identify their purpose in life and move towards it with conviction
* Avoid repeating mistakes of past lives

Can you define Conscientiology for us?

Conscientiology is the science that studies the consciousness (soul, spirit, self), investigating all of its properties, attributes, capacities, phenomena, lives and vehicles of manifestation (of which the ‘astral’ body is one).

To give a little more detail, Conscientiology is hierarchically structured into a set of around 1,400 subdisciplines. Just to give a few examples:

* Paraphysiology: (from ‘para’ meaning everything that’s not physical) looks at the physiology, the characteristics, of the astral body and mental body which are bodies of manifestation of the consciousness. E.g. the astral body can permeate physical things, it can change its shape and appearance in many different ways, it is weightless, invisible, inaudible and indestructible.

* Communicology: studies how we communicate in other dimensions and how we communicate across the dimensions. E.g. a non-physical person can communicate with us through telepathy, psychophony (using a medium), or synchronicity.

* Cosmoethics: describes a code of ethics for behaviour outside the body. We need Cosmoethics because human ethics or morals are relative, meaning, they are subjective and relevant only to a specific group of people or to a specific culture, religion or political group. So we need some guidelines for what is appropriate behaviour outside the body.

* Paragenetics: is a kind of genetic coding that is not passed from one person to another but is transmitted from our subtle body and mental body to our new physical body when we are reborn. This means that we can ‘inherit’ many things not from our parents, but from ourselves.

* Intermissiology: studies the period in between two physical lives in which we exist in a non-physical dimension.

There are around 850 volunteers researching all of the subdisciplines at a research campus at the Iguassu Falls in Brazil known as the Centre for Higher Studies of the Consciousness (CHSC), and at the many organizations associated with Vieira’s work.

And what is the future of Conscientiology?

Conscientiology is constantly evolving in terms of research/understanding, education and the dissemination of the ideas. For example, today we have The Invisible College of Conscientiology that provides online webinars on a wide variety of topics, free of charge to anyone, anywhere in the world, who wants to participate.

What’s also very exciting is that many new organizations devoted to researching specialities of Conscientiology have been launched and are in the planning phases. To give some examples:

OIC (International Organization of Conscientiotherapy) applies the principles of Conscientiology to health. It has a team of fully qualified and practising psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors who provide counselling and support to people in need, analysing their issues from a multidimensional, multi-existential perspective.

ECTOLAB (International Association of Laboratorial Research into Ectoplasm and Parasurgery) performs scientific research on ectoplasm and parasurgery and offers educational activities.

EXTRACONS (International Association of Extraterrestiology) is dedicated to researching extra-terrestrials, including their physical and non-physical lives.

More information about these and other Conscientiocentric Organizations can be found at: www.isicons.org/

Do you continue to have OBEs?

Yes I do but in studying these ideas and working to develop my energetic capacities (the key to improving our psychism), I can experience the non-physical world around me at any moment, not just when I’m out of the body. For example, I know when I have non-physical people around me, I can determine what their intentions are, I can communicate with them, help them or protect myself from them if needs be; I know when people are thinking of me; I can sometimes see the non-physical dimensions; I can use my energy to heal myself and others; I am aware of the connections of have with friends, family and even strangers, that stem from past lives; I understand that the karmic consequences of my actions can extend beyond this physical life; and I understand my purpose in this life. This is the real beauty of these ideas—it puts our current life into a much broader perspective that includes other dimensions and other lives (both past and future). Such a perspective can often cause us to review and change our priorities.

And what technique do you consider to be the most practical?

While there is no one guaranteed technique that will work for everyone there are many excellent techniques for prompting an OBE. Generally speaking, the techniques that will work best for you will draw on your strong traits. For example, relaxation techniques work well for me as I’ve studied meditation and know how to put myself into a deep state of relaxation. Other techniques require a good ability to visualize or to control your breathing. I describe several techniques in my book and many more can be found in Vieira’s book entitled Projectiology: A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness outside the Human Body.

Do you have any advice for those interested in learning more?

Yes. Immerse yourself in these ideas as much as you can using all the tools, resources and techniques available to you. Read from a variety of different sources. Watch films such as the Sixth Sense, the Others, Field of Dreams, Bagger Vance etc. all of which portray non-physical realities with a high degree of accuracy. Start asking yourself what is going on in the non-physical dimension around you at any given moment. If you can, try to go to classes to learn how to have an OBE but be discerning about where you study. And most importantly, learn about energy as controlling your energy is the key to developing your psychic capacities. Reading Less Incomplete is a good place to start because it combines a lot of fascinating theory with practical exercises for controlling your energy, developing your psychism, recalling past lives and having OBEs.


Less Incomplete: A Guide to Experiencing the Human Condition beyond the Physical Body

by Sandie Gustus

Highly recommended reading by the Astral Institute. This, the first book to summarize the work of Brazilian consciousness researcher, Waldo Vieira MD, for a general nonacademic audience, has the backing of some of the world’s most eminent academic and medical researchers of life after death. Based on two new sciences proposed by Vieira, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the human condition beyond the physical body, offering readers a profound opportunity to increase their self-awareness, self-confidence, balance and maturity, and fulfil their potential.!