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Astral Movie Review

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Last night I sat down to watch an interesting new movie called astral. Another horror movie based on the premise that astral projection is a dangerous and occult practice where anyone willing to try will open up a gateway to demonic creatures waiting to attack, and I have to say I liked it…

Okay the acting was cardboard at best with an emotional range of a school play and the plot was paper thin; but it’s great to see people taking an interest in the subject matter. It gives sites like a chance to spread information about the subject.

So; the story begins with friend colleague friends learning about the possibility that consciousness can exist beyond the physical body and I have to say the university lecture on the subject was a good one. 

The protagonist of the story does a little research and bingo he starts to have out of body experiences.

Serious Plot Problem

First issue with the plot are the way they try to incorporate his out of body experiences with their lack of special effects and inconsistent theories.

On the one side, they make it clear that the astral body can not influence the real world, but in the next sentence they plan to set up a pendulum that the experimenter will make swing using his astral finger.

Why not set up a simple experiment whereby one of his friends places a word out of physical sight and ask him to read it in his astral form?

What the movie got wrong

The disclaimer at the beginning of the movie says that nobody should try astral projection, but if they wished to they could have created an intriguing story about the subject without resorting to a run of the mill horror.

If they had really researched the subject they could have pointed out that all people dislocate from their body during times of sleep and that to do so consciously would pose no more treat to them than any other night sleep.

Why I liked the movie 

Again some of the content in the movie was interesting and although the plot was broken with half developed background material, I felt that I had not wasted the evening giving it a view. It’s a horror movie and must be taken as such. It 

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