When William Cohen (aka Billy Fingers) woke his sister Annie at dawn, a few weeks after his death, she thought she was dreaming. “It’s me, darling, it’s Billy! I’m drifting weightlessly through gorgeous stars and galaxies and I feel a Divine Presence, a kind, loving, beneficent presence, twinkling all around me. Death isn’t as serious as you think it is. So far, it’s very enjoyable. Couldn’t be better, really.”

 In one of the longest and most detailed after death communications ever recorded, Billy takes his sister on an unprecedented journey through the mysteries of death. His ongoing account of his celestial adventures in the afterlife is vividly recounted in Annie Kagan’s THE AFTERLIFE OF BILLY FINGERS:  How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life after Death. A true story, this fascinating page-turner demystifies what happens after we die. Billy’s wisdom and irreverent humor will forever change your views about life, death and the hereafter.

As Billy’s communications continued, the cryptic messages he gives his sister, and the unexplainable incidents that follow, overcome her skepticism by offering proof that Billy is real in ways she can’t ignore.

“When Billy began speaking to me from the afterlife, I thought I might be having delusions,” shares Kagan. “But communicating with his soul caused my own to open up and allowed me to follow my brother on his voyage through spiritual dimensions.”

Although Kagan was at first reluctant, Billy persuaded her to share his story and his secrets because of the peace and comfort it would bring to others. While life on earth is sometimes filled with darkness or despair, as it was for Billy, he wants to assure you:

  “The shadow is illusory and temporary. Bliss, ultimately bliss and light, are the truer and stronger reality. Earth is just a stopover. A kind of game. Make it a star game.”

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers is available March 2013 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon, BN.com and with various booksellers nationwide. For more information please visit:  www.afterlifeofbillyfingers.com.


Annie Kagan left her career as a chiropractor and her hectic New York City life in search of serenity in a small house on the tip of Long Island. When her brother Billy died unexpectedly and began speaking to her from the afterlife, her future took a surprising turn. She recorded her conversations with Billy from the other side and published them in her debut book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved To Me There’s Life After Death  (Hampton Roads, 2013)   www.anniekagan.com https://www.facebook.com/AfterlifeBillyFingers

“An extraordinary example of extended after-death communication. It’s one of the most powerful, liberating, and healing books on life after death I’ve ever read. In fact, you may have a spiritual experience while reading it that will transform your beliefs about life, death, and the afterlife.”

~Bill Guggenheim, Co-author of Hello From Heaven!

  “Billy Fingers makes death feel like an adventure to look forward to…”

~ Mirabai Starr, author of God of Love


Previous to your experience, had you had much of an interest in the afterlife/spiritual topics?

When I was growing up, my father thought he was going to have an early death. So from the time I was young, he talked a lot about death. He said he was going to build a beautiful house with a swimming pool for me in heaven, and when I died it would be waiting there. Although when I grew up I didn’t believe his story was true, it somehow instilled in me a feeling that the afterlife was a pleasurable place. In terms of spirituality, I never followed any particular path but I did love meditating and that became my spiritual practice.

Daskolas, the Greek mystic, was quoted as saying that life is our addiction, this seems to be the viewpoint of many mystics such as Edgar Cayce. What have you learned about addiction through your communications with Billy?

Billy spoke about substance addiction and although he suffered from being an addict most of his life, after he died, during his life review he said that his drug addiction was the most interesting part of his life. I receive many emails from people who’ve read the book who say that Billy has helped them to be nonjudgmental about having this particular difficulty and to love themselves no matter what, which according to Billy is one of the best things you can do.

Karl Jung communicated with his daemon Philemon in what he called active imaginations, this daemon was similar to Socrates’ inner voice. During your experience communication with Billy, when did you open up to the possibility that it was not a communication with your subconsciousness?

While at first I thought that hearing Billy’s voice was probably a figment of my imagination trying to make me feel better about his death, Billy promised he would give me proof that it really was him speaking to me. As I explain in the book, he did exactly that, over and over, until there was no question in my mind that a consciousness beyond myself was communicating with me.

Many people criticize these communications because they only seem to produce positive reinforcements of the mediums worldview, has anything Billy has said that conflicted with your metaphysical vision of life?

First of all, I am never concerned about convincing anybody my story is true. People are free to believe whatever they want and it doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

Billy and I were very different in that I tended to take things more seriously than he did. His message to me, that it’s not all that serious and that I should lighten up, is surprising and wonderful. The adventure he took me on didn’t’ conflict with my metaphysical vision. He took me to magnificent, mysterious worlds that were way beyond anything I had ever heard of or imagined.

What were the key points you’ve learned during these communications?

I learned so many things. My favorite is that every cell in our body was literally forged in a star. We actually are the universe. And when you think of yourself in those terms, all your concepts of self expand. You are the Universe, but society teaches you different. Society teaches limitation.

What books do you recommend on the subject of the afterlife, that you felt reflected the truth of your experience?

I recommend Raymond Moody’s Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences”, which is Dr. Moody’s best-selling original investigation that first revealed the near death experience.

How has the experience changed you?

I was always independent, but now I’m even more so. As Billy recommends, I see life through my own eyes, not through the lens of others. I also realize the limits of understanding of the human mind and am content to live in the mystery of not knowing.

Have you any message you would like to impart to our readers?

Here’s a quote from the book:

“The miracle of creation is everywhere; the trees, the sky, the sun, the friendship, the kindness, the love. Today, look for a small sign, a small miracle, a small thing of beauty that will connect you to the source of all beauty and miracles.”

Astral Institute wants to thank you Annie for taking the time to speak with us.


Annie Kagan is not a medium or a psychic, she did not die and come back to life; in fact, when she was awakened by her deceased brother, she thought perhaps she had gone a little crazy

In The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death, Kagan shares the extraordinary story of her after death communications (ADC) with her brother Billy, who began speaking to her just weeks after his unexpected death.

One of the most detailed and profound ADC’s ever recorded, Kagan’s book takes the reader beyond the near-death experience. Billy’s vivid, real-time account of his on-going journey through the mysteries of death will change the way you think about life. Death and your place in the Universe.

In his foreword, Dr. Raymond Moody, author of Life after Life, explains the phenomena of walkers between the worlds, known to us since ancient times, and says that Dr. Kagan’s thought-provoking account is an excellent example.

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death


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