Recently I was asked to review this online course from Awake Academy, but as a long time practitioner of lucid dreaming I felt that I could not do the testimonial justice so I asked a friend to give it a try. I asked him to please dedicate as much time as required to try the complete course and give me feedback.

One of the most accessible and refreshing voices in Lucid Dream circles is the Best Selling Author of Dreams of Awakening, Charlie Morley’s workshops have been introducing new generations of Lucid Dreaming ‘entuasists’ for many years.

Having read his book I was happy to try out Charlie’s online course which promised to be a perfect introduction to the subject using his years of experience in the subject. One of the main benefits from learning from Charlie is his holistic approach to Lucid dreaming and its natural connection with mindfulness in everyday life. Charlie’s method of teaching is light hearted and less intimidating than many other experts on the subject.

Trying the Course

At first, my friend Stuart thought that a 7 week online video course would be a big commitment to make. He usually likes to delve in and out of books for information and educational purposes, but he was wrong, in fact he enjoyed each element of the course and found it hard to slow down to allow the course to do its daily work. This course explores not only lucid dreaming practices, but also the innovative new techniques of Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep. Working with meditation expert Rob Nairn, Morley has created a more holistic approach to lucidity training. They have taken the latest scientific practices of the West and merged it with Tibetan Buddhist contexts.

More About Charlie

Charlie Morley is a bestselling Hay House author and teacher of Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep: the holistic approach to lucid dreaming within the context of mindfulness meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. Through learning how to sleep mindfully and dream lucidly we can begin to wake up in our daily lives as well as our dream and sleep as we enter onto a path of both spiritual and psychological awakening.

In 2008 Charlie became one of the first Westerners officially “authorized to teach” lucid dreaming within the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. This allows him the rare ability to synthesize both Western and Eastern perspectives on lucidity. He currently lives in London at Samye Dzong Buddhist Centre and teaches around the world.

Charlie’s Book

Dreams of Awakening is a thorough and exciting exploration of lucid dreaming theory and practice within both Western and Tibetan Buddhist contexts. It not only explores lucid dreaming practices, but also the innovative new techniques of Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep, the holistic approach to lucidity training which the author co-created.

The book is based on over 12 years of personal practice and the hundreds of lucid dreaming workshops which Charlie has taught around the world, in venues as diverse as Buddhist temples and dance-music festivals. Using a three-part structure of Ground, Path and Germination the reader is given a solid grounding in:

  • the history and benefits of lucid dreaming
  • cutting edge research from dream and sleep scientists.
  • entering the path of learning to do the practices
  • prophetic dreams, lucid living, out of body experiences and quantum dreaming.

Although Dreams of Awakening presents many different angles on how to make the 30 years we spend asleep more worthwhile, the fundamental aim of the book is to teach people how to lucid dream their way to psychological and spiritual growth. This book is for all those who want to wake up, both in their dreams and waking lives.


Why Use A Guided Course

One of the biggest obstacles to becoming lucid is a lack of commitment to following the techniques and dedicated effort over a period of time need to acheive real success; this is where the course helps you stay on track. With information and a progressive system, you will be completely immersed in the study and world of lucid dreaming.

Stuart found the instructions clear and Charlie manner and optimism very easy to understand. And although he was adamant that he would follow the course for the full 7 weeks, he had his first lucid dream after only 8 days.

This is where is freely admits he went wrong, having achieved the lucid state he assume he did not need to continue the course, but as any lucid dreamer knows, one lucid dream does not guarantee the next one. The felt that he could continue to have them without the need to continue with the daily practice. But once I set him on the path again he had a further two by the end of the full course.

The Results

Asked if he felt that the course was a success, Stuart would say a resounding YES! The Awake Academy Course is definitely one of the most immersive methods of having lucid dreams, and by committing yourself to the period and progressive course material, you have the maximum possible chance of success, if you are serious about exploring your dreams.

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