After having survived cancer, Clifford Michaels sought to inspire his peers and others with his debut book, “Harnessing Heaven” which was published in 2016. The book addresses not just his own personal experience of transition and motivation, but the revelations and self-transformations that can occur when an individual opens their minds and thoughts to a higher level. With a foot in two worlds, Clifford works with the intelligence that surrounds us for healing and words for communication, by bringing comfort to others. His desire is to raise humanity’s awareness to the true existence of who they are, which will aid in bringing peace among the global community. In addition to his spiritual writing, he also teaches metaphysics.

Could you tell us briefly about your background and spiritual journey?

I am Wall Street investment advisor, who never believed the “afterlife” existed. Everything changed after a brush with kidney cancer. It set me on a reluctant path of spiritual discovery. First I denied, then acknowledged, and finally embraced and interacted with “heavenly” forces that I realized want to help all of us find our ideal path in life.

After finding myself on a road less-traveled and through a series of amazing events, I developed the sensitivity to interact with heaven. With a foot planted firmly in two worlds, I can transmit energy for healing and words for communication from the “other side”, bringing comfort to others. My desire is to raise humanity’s awareness of who they really are and help create peace among all people.

Deepak Chopra was once asked if he was a prophet, and he was criticized for his response, that he was a profit. Can the spiritually minded through serve two masters, both heavenly and earthy?

As above so it is below. What we do here on Earth is learned in heaven and what is done in heaven makes its way here on Earth. Ultimately, it’s one in the same. While here on Earth we all have free will to create our own lives similar to an artist painting a blank canvas. Some of us are more sensitive to the intelligence that surrounds us and may consciously pick up signals or messages that lead or help us make decisions. Other people may pick up these messages or signals in their dream state while sleeping. Either way, the love and support from those in heaven is always around to help us.

Religious people feel that following our ‘own’ spiritual path leads people to believe that whatever they personally feel justified as “right” is okay, regardless of the social harm it may do. So, spiritual path needs its basis in a structure or church to prevent ‘a la carte’ everything is okay mindsets from developing in society. What are your views?

Extremism that leads to hurting others is never okay unless it’s actually fighting against the oppression and tyranny of a government in defense of your own life. (I.e. WWII)  Otherwise, those that offer a spiritual path, if they are truly helping, will not advocate harm to others. And, if someone “personally” feels it’s right to create damage, even social damage, then they are probably not representing the Creator of all men.

All religion, regardless of its roots, can have some value in creating unity among men. However, all the different religions are like all the many languages we have around the world. One is not any better than the other. All languages serve a purpose, to help us communicate with each other. And, religion serves the purpose to help us communicate with God.

Spirituality is the belief in the afterlife. And, that all the deeds we do here on Earth follow us into the afterlife. No one can actually get away with anything here, as it is all recorded as a personal record for each of us.

What was the last great book you have read and why?

I love many of the Edgar Cayce books and much can be learned from them on life, health and spirituality. However, if I can only pick one book I’ll pick, SETH SPEAKS, by Jane Roberts. This book is one of the most interesting commentaries on reality, the human race and why we have incarnated on Earth. Jane Roberts was a spiritual medium that dropped into an altered state and the spirit of “Seth” came through and shared insights on everything and anything. Many of these discussions were tapped and eventually brought forward into a book format.

If you could have lunch with three people, who would they be and why?

Abraham Lincoln– He was a great inspiring leader who was assassinated during his presidency.  He was also spiritual and held gatherings in the White House with spiritual mediums. Some of this is documented if you do the research. With his tremendous wisdom he would be most interesting to have lunch with.

Jesus – He’s probably the most recognized name in history. Also, perhaps we all may like to know what happened to his body after his crucifixion. Was he different than all other men and did he intentionally come to Earth for only a short time to teach us all lessons? Regardless of these answers he was a very special man that was important to many.

Nostradamus – He had a gift and an ability to see beyond his years. To what extent this is true I’m not sure but I’d like to find out. And, what are the other visions he saw that were not transcribed because he feared the government in his time; and was careful not to disclose everything he openly forecasted.

Your own spiritual path, and connection with heavenly influences, how do you personally know you are in contact with an external source?

This is a great question because even the best mediums can get tripped up or be inside of their own head. We are all unique and our mechanisms for interacting with the divine vary from person to person. We all have psychic senses similar to the physical senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, and smelling. With these psychic senses we can add two more, a sense of knowing and psychic empathy.

Using two or more of these senses together reduces the possibility for error and increases the confidence level that I’m working with an external source. I have even devised a system where I ask the corollary question to an answer that should result in the same answer. If I do not receive the same answer then I devise another way to form the question or I do not trust the information.

What’s in the future for Clifford Michaels?

I’m trying to heal our planet and the people that occupy it one step at a time. Our social media platform continues gaining momentum. We’ll continue raising the awareness as to why we are all here and how to clarify your life purpose through the original book, Harnessing Heaven. This will include lectures, articles and possibly a video down the road. And, Spirit says there’s another book for me to write in the near future.  Stay tuned!

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