Astral projection, or the ability to separate from the physical body has evolved from a spiritual practice to one which has been researched by modern experimentors, why is science not is taking a more active and serious interest in the subject. Thanks to many main stream movies such as Dr Strange, the term has become quite common in the public domain. Dr Strange explored this in spectacular fashion onscreen, enhanced by cutting-edge computer generated effects.

Astral projection is fun and fascinating — but is it real?

The idea that humans can leave their bodies during dream states is ancient. Countless people, from New Agers to shamans around the world, believe that it is possible to commune with cosmic intelligence through visions, vivid dreams and experienced during astral projection, also known as out-of-body experiences. Surveys suggest that between 8 and 20 percent of people claim to have had something like an out-of-body experience at some point in their lives — a sensation of the consciousness, spirit, or “astral body” leaving the physical body. While most experiences occur during sleep or under hypnosis, some people claim to do it while merely relaxing.

Modern Mystics

With the work of Robert Monroe the work and techniques to acheive out of body states are becoming more and more refined. Though originally a private, quasi-religious meditative practice it has — like many New Age beliefs — been commercialized. Astral travel can be big business, and there are many books, seminars, DVDs and other materials that promise to teach students how to leave their physical bodies and access other dimensions.

It may be a profound experience, but the fundamental problem is that there’s really no way to scientifically measure whether or not a person’s spirit “leaves” or “enters” the body. The simplest and best explanation for out-of-body experiences is that the person is merely fantasizing and dreaming. Because there is no scientific evidence that consciousness can exist outside of the brain, astral projection is rejected by scientists.

Proving the existence of psychic powers, astral projection or alternative dimensions would earn the dissenting scientists a place in the history books, if not a Nobel Prize. So why has this ability not been accepted as yet.

Science is dogmatic

Alas, science has evolved along with the growth of the enlightenment movement, where science was preceived as a war on superstitions and religion. The new church of science had as one of its tenents a belief in materialism. A vast structure from which any idealogies concerning spiritual or extra-material beliefs had to be violently rejected. The process of scientific study favours a strong atheistic mindset. This mindset filters out open minded researchers in main stream universities and halls of learning.  In order to progress in a career in the sciences you have to align to the group think of the community.

The burden of Proof

The simple reply to why out of bodies states have not been proven is mainly due to the fact the all evidence has been rejected out of hand. The work of Charles Tart has gathered enough scientific evidence for these experience, but work by para-psychologists are on the main ignored. The simply response to all research is, it can’t be true, therefore it is not so to give credence to the research is an insult to science. This is called cognitive dissonance, if it does not fit into a person’s beliefs he simply will not believe the evidence.

The Solution

If you come at the subject with a open mind, then the proof needed comes directly through experience. Graham Hancock requested that Richard Dawkins tried DMT to experience for himself the possibility of other extra sensory states. His paradyme, his career depends on his refusal to accept to change his viewpoint, so he will do anything needed to remain in the bubble he lives in. Stop looking to science to validate what you know from experience. Become a vehicle for your own evolution and leave the scientists to their own.

And happy travels


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