Luis Minero talks about his out of body experiences. He explains how it works, and what it implies about the nature of our consciousness.

Minero’s book covers a vast amount of material ranging from the fundamentals of out-of-body experiences to advanced conclusions based on extraphysical (beyond the physical, or out-of-body) observations. An important source of information for this work is the experience I have shared with many researchers and instructors of conscientiology. Certainly it must be noted that I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. This book is permeated with influences from colleagues’ lectures, examples, and heuristic devices; informal and formal discussions with colleagues; other books on the subject; and, naturally, my own experience, both inside the body (years of giving classes on OBEs) and outside the body (lucid projections).

This book is not only a very instructive volume but is also a how-to manual. It provides many exercises and techniques for leaving the body. The techniques in chapter 4, many of them new, will enable you to progressively develop your capacities.

After reading the book methodically, you will be able to clearly understand how certain conclusions were reached once you arrive at the practical exercises and reach later discussions. Otherwise, it could be relatively easy to get lost within the wealth of information and areas that the volume draws from. Great effort has gone into trying to make this book accessible for everybody. As a result, the book is not philosophical in tone but rather is written in common, everyday language. In the later chapters and in discussions that may be totally new to readers, the simple explanations will be much appreciated.



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