The first detailed, scientific and first-hand account of a series of conscious and voluntarily controlled astral projections were by Mr. Oliver Fox, and published in the Occult Review for 1920. These articles were entitled, respectively, “The Pineal Doorway,” and “Beyond the Pineal Door” and embody the author’s personal experiences. Finally after years of personal research, Fox wrote one of the most important and influencial works on the subject of Astral Projection and changed the course of humanity.

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These are (a) exceptionally vivid dreams, and (b) real projections. Which of these is the correct explanation? Mr. Fox admited that it is extremely difficult to prove the latter theory objectively, and therefore thinks it wiser to confine himself to a description of his own experiences and a summary of his own methods of development, hoping that others might possibly obtain the same results by following his advice, thereby proving the reality of astral projection for themselves.

About the Author

Oliver Fox was the pseudonym of Hugh George Callaway (30 November 1885 – 28 April 1949), an English short story writer, poet and occultist, most well known for documenting his experiences in astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Fox had trained in electrical engineering and worked as an actor. He had first published his OBE experiences in The Occult Review. These formed the basis of his book A Record of Out-of-the-Body Experiences, published in 1939. He was inspired by the experiences of Sylvan Muldoon.

The First Step

The first step (says Mr. Fox) consists in acquiring a certain dream control. It acquires being able to observe some incongruity or anachronism, which leads to a Lucid State within the Dream. In his book, Fox explains his personal techniques to aquire this lucid dream state.

In Mr. Fox’s own words

“Eighteen years ago, when I was a student at a technical college, a dream impelled me to start my research. I dreamed simply that I was standing outside my home. Looking down, I discovered that the paving stones had mysteriously changed their position the long sides were now parallel to the curb instead of perpendicular to it. Then the solution flashed upon me: Though that glorious summer morning seemed as real as real could be, I was dreaming!

Instantly the vividness of life increased a hundredfold. Never had sea and sky and trees shone with such glamorous beauty; even the common place houses seemed alive and mystically beautiful. Never had I felt so absolutely well, so clear-brained, so divinely powerful. Verily the world had become my oyster. The sensation was exquisite beyond words; but it lasted only a few moments, and I awoke”.

Fox was to learn later, his mental control had been overwhelmed by emotions; so the tiresome body asserted its claim and pulled him back. Then he had a wonderful new idea:

Was it possible to regain at will the glory of the dream?  Could he prolong his dreams?

“It sounds simple; but in practice I found it one of the most difficult things imaginable. A hundred times would I pass the most glaring incongruities, and then at last some inconsistency would tell me that I was dreaming, and always the knowledge brought the change I have described

Using the powerful techniques Fox developed he then succeeded in effecting a true projection while he recorded all the pitfalls of the astral experience.

“This, then, was the climax of my research. I could now pass from ordinary waking life into this new state of consciousness and return, without any mental break. It is easily written, but it took fourteen years to accomplish.”

Moving in the Astral Body

Mr. Fox mentioned three different methods of locomotion in the astral body. The first of these is Horizontal Gliding – “accomplished by a purely mental effort.” Usually this is easy, but when the pull of the cord is felt, it is anything but effortless; “it is as though one tugged against a rope of very strong elastic.” Mr. Fox also observed that whenever he was pulled back into the body, he had the sensation of being drawn backwards into it.  The second method of locomotion is a variety of levitation, very similar to the typical flying dream. This was described as easy and harmless. The third method is what Mr. Fox calls “Skrying,” and in this he appears to shoot upwards, like a rocket, with great velocity.

The Pitfalls

At a time when the notions of out of body experience frightened people, Fox’s work opened up a new vista, as he pointed out when such cases as shock and frightened encounters, the corresponding shock within himself resulted in him being draw back to his physical body immediately.

As to the people encountered in these astral trips, Mr. Fox noted the total absence of elementals or other terrifying beings, so often said to inhabit the Astral Plane; and the fact that he was nearly always invisible to them, though his presence may at times be felt with people on the physical plane.

Fox’s Influence on Others

Throughout the 20th century the work of Oliver Fox has left a map for others to follow safety into the world of the out of body state. This personal record of one man’s journey into the astral plane was to become the blueprint for others and the basis of all research. What makes this work so unique was the single handed scientific mindset of the author.



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