Wired magazine cofounder Kevin Kelly joins screenwriter Casey McCabe and comic book veteran Steve Masseroni to lead this project. The rest of the 20-person team was assembled from writers and artists drawn from Pixar and Lucasfilm, as well as new rising talent from the comics world. What they created was a graphic novel about Astral Projection.

The Silver Cord is an astonishing book at every level; the story, the graphics, and the production. Kevin Kelly’s creation of a new vision of the realms of angels, humans and their intersection is truly original and even grabbed a hard core atheist like me. These are not angels like any we have known in our biblical fairy tales both in substance and form. And what they want from us forced me to appreciate my life anew. Nearly every panel is beautiful and merits focused attention. Some are spectacular including the amazing foldout. The physical production of the book is at the same level as the content. The volume is massive but feels wonderful to hold and slowly peruse.

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