Lynn K. Russell share with the Astral Institute her thoughts on the Near Death Experience. Lynn is the author of an excellent book called The Wonder of You.


Near-death experiences is a very large area of study. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to research 2500 NDEs for NDERF (Near-Death Experiences Research Foundation) and was so thrilled by the information that I wrote the book, The Wonder of You, What the Near-Death Experience Tells You About Yourself. Since then, I’ve learned much more and would like to share a bit of that new knowledge with you.

An Active Role

The most important aspect in understanding what happens during the death experience, is to realize that each person has an active role in creating their event. Thus, no two NDEs are the same. Although there are strong similarities, the direct involvement in what happens means that no one person can speak for others. To illustrate, some souls go through a tunnel, others find themselves amongst the star. A number find themselves in a beautiful garden, while others go to a magnificent city. These variations help to demonstrate the individuals’ role in creating the event.

What We Remember

Another demonstration of the personal role in the death experiences is that most people bring an astral body with them. Frequently, they see their form laying where they left it, yet, continue to have a physical essence during their death experience. In reality, the soul is pure spirit with no body. This is understandable because the bodily self is all they know. No one has memory of their time between lives and, if they remember a life before this one, it would be physical. Continuing to see oneself as material has a strong effect on the experience. They see and relate to others physically, they go to physical places, read, drink, see, smell, and even eat. It’s as though they have just moved from one corporeal existence to another.

The Spirit of Oneness

Above, I mentioned there are strong similarities of the death experience. Because spirit is a part of the Oneness, means there are many shared elements. The list is long, so only the major ones will be mentioned here: all disabilities disappear; communication is telepathic; spirit sees 360 degrees; time does not exist; travel is done by thought; they have total knowledge of everything; and a strong feeling of connectedness to everything.

If we consider the above information we can see how each individual has a role in their experience.

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The Wonder of You: What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself

This book on near-death experiences offers readers insight to their own spiritual journey. After researching 2,500 cases of near-death experiences Lynn K. Russell shares the indepth understandings she has gained. Through her research she discovered deeply hidden messages about the world, life and the paths we all travel. During her research, Russell, uncovered marvelous messages she wanted share with others. She offers answers to the questions, “What is our reality and why do we exist?” The cases she analyzed offered information about the world, life, and the paths we are all traveling as individuals. Russell hopes her book will guide readers toward their own personal discoveries.

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